What is what!

Zaza: Dear master, how do our interactions shape and define our lives?

Logos: The stream of consciousness flows through all of us without interruption and its flow is filtered by various blocks and patterns of energy resonating at different frequencies which are in sync with various archetypes or primordial patterns in various forms consciousness takes. In our day-to-day interactions we attract the frequency with which we vibrate or which helps us expand our hearts with compassionate co-creation. 

The wonder visits you when you realize that as a person you’re not constant even for half an hour or fifteen minutes. It might be even faster a flux in case some more energetic beings and some of us have no personalities at all. When you for example listen to your neighbors or friends– there are many things responsible for making this interaction possible. Here we shall focus on one aspect of it.

The energy which takes you to that neighbor or friend is the one band which brought two of you into the same pool. Then there is an energy which makes the interaction possible at the time it happens. Then there arises the quality of interaction which takes place when it does. By quality–I mean how it makes you feel. Does it make you feel blissful, or saps energy out of you, does it make you feel content or moves you to tears? 

This quality is created by many coherent energies working in tandem. Wise ones leave causation aside and merely place things occuring together–side-by-side. The time works on all the people participating in an activity and it’s not just people who are affected by various planetary motions but we shall focus only on people. If you see dogs howling for no reason at Moon, let it go, and if crows murder your ears some day you need to let them be.  

The energy which moves through you in an interaction is filtered by vehicle worn by the person you interact with and then by the vehicle you wear until it reaches your being. And it had actually travelled from the being of the person you interacted with–so this being-to-being energy transmission goes through many filters defined by time. You might have seen how people around you respond to usual words and actions in dramatically different ways. The way we respond to stimuli around us tells us more about ourselves, and our mental states than it tells about the stimuli. Though they co-arise. The subject and object relationship is merely recreated moment-to-moment by the shift in attention.

If something you say affects people differently would you be careful to put your words the way they don’t or would you let things be? The first one is good yet speaks of delusion of doership and the second one makes you feel that things happen because they do. There is no individual doer despite everyone being responsible. Being true to yourself presupposes a self and if all you have a flux what are you true to? To the self which was at hand at the moment you created something and that self won’t be there to take care of your mess when the next moment approaches and you deal with it afresh. If you understand this, you understand that and you understand everything worth understanding. 

Now as you observe that same words mean different thing to you on different days. Even your own words, which aren’t really your own anyway. Language belongs to cultures, civilization, logos and so on. What meaning there remains when it keeps changing every moment? How do I explain this to you? Hollow words travel in air as vehicles of energy and from heart-to-heart their journey is merely an adventure. There is no constancy or consonance inherent in words, people or events. They are distinct and empty but when they are traced in real-time by a moving consciousness a harmony arises, a beauty arises and a spectacle is produced for all co-creating and ripples pass through the eternity which is also empty. I could go on and on –but this is enough to tell me, you and everyone else what happens when something moves you or doesn’t. What is being true to oneself or others and what is what!. 



8 thoughts on “What is what!

  1. Law of attraction: Likes attract likes. We are like magnets, aren’t we? Every people we meet every day is a vibrational match to our personal vibration.
    Consciousness is needed so we can be aware of whom we are going to attract.
    I’m really liking your posts Anand. I could correlate more.. 😊

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Though moreover: the vibrational frequency is also a flux–you are not a constant person–personality is a bundle of memories and habits and self-image subject to change. That takes us into the heart of emptiness. Many thanks for your thoughtful reading and beautiful comments dear friend 🙂


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