What is it?

It’s a Zen Koan,

Mystery of mysteries,

An overflowing tank,

Inverted ATTA,

It’s cool breeze in Summer,

Effervescence of a flower in its blooming,

A dark blue cloud sharing itself,

An inland empire,

Birds, mementos,

Rest in restlessness,


A billion times in a moment,

And waking up from same dream again and again,

Romancing with life,

The mysterious smile of dakini in bus,

It’s the help coming out of nowhere,

Eternal recurrence,

A black hole,

A nuclear explosion in your heart,

A big bang,

Which gives birth to infinite universes,

A cosmos in an exhalation,

An embrace,


It’s floating on air,

With halcyon wings,

Feeling complete,

It’s being natural,

Easy, silent.

A tree which wipes your tears,

Ears which truly listen,

Ten new commandments,

To forget old ones,

Miracles of memory,


It’s your soothing voice,

Being at home and never travelling,

It’s void,


Witness of witnesses,

Essence of a thousand and one tales,

it’s this,

It’s that,

The sweet chirping of sparrows,

It alone is.





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