Mysterious Mayhem!

Mayhem hemmed in medicines of time.

A picture painted in paroxysms.

A mysterious array of shadows,

Endowment mentation ions rhizobium.

Nitrogen jugglers shiny objects sleepwalkers.

Olden voices golden frames ramses matrix.

Tricks to test time esteem teem with buzzing bees zing Beijing.

Ming dynasty’s nasty style tyler durden donning plumage black swan.

The voice is one. If you know it you know it, if you don’t you don’t.

Case has been closed you can come back tomorrow.

Pain panic nick crackling doors visions of beyond.

Boondoggle do oggle gale chip dale hip-hop pop.

Doggerel rale gale ale histrionics trio eschatology.

Tamale frittata borscht consomme sommelier.

Squeeze ease breeze freeze.

Quizzical quidnunc busy body odiferous ruse rustic aloe vera.

Era ra-one only lyre on onion rec repeated pilfering feral ring inglenook.

 It’s strange range straw raw war look back upon ponytail dreams realms. 

Placebo bovine vineyard juncture tincture tureen careen engagement. 

Yodeling linga gangrene renegade gadfly flying over yin yang in inglenook cranny nanny




13 thoughts on “Mysterious Mayhem!

            1. rahiye latpat kaat din taru ghaame me soye, chhah na baaki gaahiye jo taru patra hoy, jo taru patraa hoy ek din dhoka daihe, jab bhi chali bayaar toot tab jad se jaihe hai, kah giridhar kaviraay chaah mote ki gahiye paati sab jhar jaay tau chhaya me rahiye 😂😂😎

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                1. Garland landed just right into lap of lapidary dermatologist went to collect gist market meerkat meera era bygone with the wind hindsight twenty twenty fifty fifty trajectory test match catch twenty twenty went typical calculus integral yoga gaga gungho ado do a thing worth arth ka anarth

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