Profound dark deep azure sky talks,

To a white-blue flag which dances in the glee wind,

The lady luck showers its grace upon,

Creative people,

Because she’s a close cousin of creatrix,

They say,

Demarcation between creative and destructive,

Disappear as tamas, rajas and sattva mingle with each other harmoniously,

Addictive and liberative are same,

Holy and profane are same,

And witness arises on the platform welcoming and unwelcoming guests,

Let those who come come,

Let those who go go,

Exclaim Ashtavakra,

Nagarjuna, Chuang Tzu and Vashishtha,Β 

The charger is working fine,

Communicator sings,

The flow is itself,

Without a beginning or end,

Therefore without any middle,

A riddle,




Luminance, radiance, clear sky,

He is she is one beyond pitch black darkness,

Silence of lambs,

Silence of cemeteries,

Death is partying with life which is parting.

Tingling galore in all pores,

Cosmic giggle of comedian, the joker.Β 


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