Stories rewrite themselves,

Demons and angels dance hand-in-hand,

Satantango drinks mango shake,

Baker’s street bakes a cake with sattva, rajas and tamas,

Tamasha doesn’t differentiate between those three anymore,

Prime mover moves over verily,

Lyrical smiles go miles across the globes,

Renaissance seance ensconced incense transcendental meditations,

Translucent trance, turiya, waking, turiyatita mingle into one and then disappear,

You count voices–one, two, three…don’t they make your reality right now,

Now the question is how long,

Void full to the brim,

Has hanged on the rim of glass pieces,

Isn’t this the galactic core tic-tac-toe,

Isn’t this cosmic riddle fiddling,

Giggles bursting forth crackers painting skies,

Keys thrown into oblivion,

Sun shines rainbows bow owls sing,

The forehead bulges forefathers peek,

Creeks reek with foul tongues,

Inner outer holy profane,

Exaltation disdain,

Liberation, bondage,

Awakening, sleep,

Unity, duality,

Dainty stars,

Daunty bars,Β 

Sense of humor gone awry,

Projected and projections,

Games of memory,

Beholden gaze,

Fission, fusion,

Profusion of melodies,

Drums rolls,

Dances, chocolates, sleepy eyes,

Big bang, big boom, big crunch,

Another cycle, another universe.



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