Synchronicities and Deja-Vus!

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Zaza: Dear master, how do synchronicity and deja-vu happen?

Logos: Synchronicity is a term coined by Carl Jung for extraordinary coincidences. Deja-vu is feeling that you’ve experienced something before though it’s a new experience for you in your life. I feel these are related to expansion of consciousness as we awaken. Memory is consciousness and when I say that I don’t talk about individual surface consciousness being compared to memory but totality of consciousness. Thus memory as a whole contains repository of all experiences–past, present and future. It might seem surprising if you think using linear viewpoint in which future is yet to happen but holographic reality or cosmic viewpoint treats totality as a unified field in which one solid concrete block exists which contains frozen time. Every event is already stored in eternity and yet the light which makes these events possible is beyond it. 

When we start awakening we get connected to our spiritual heart. Then you start observing increasing number of synchronicities in your life and even deja-vus. It’s primarily because the spiritual heart is connected to the cosmic heart which is the core of the Absolute–the cosmic central Sun. When we connect to the source of all we connect to the totality of potential universal mind has. Though this connection can neither be translated into human language nor grasped fully by any of our senses because human instrument like any other has inherent limitation and universal mind is infinitely vast. But as you start awakening towards your fuller potential in this dimension you start observing more and more synchronicities and deja-vus. They’re mostly triggered by key events such as meeting your twin-flames or spiritual masters who have heart-to-heart connection with you well-defined in your cosmic destiny but not visible yet. The key places and people who are turning points in your life give you a great plethora of epiphanies.

Synchronicities might act as clairvoyant dreams–seen in advance of many years, months or days or flashes of events which happen–such as words like Shakespeare or Do as you please ringing in your ears immediately before you’re seeing them on a blog-site. Their repeated happening confirms their paranormal nature. But actually their explanation is quite easy: these patterns were always there. Your perceptiveness was not enough refined and subtle to recognize them. You might also say that there are governing agencies at various psychic layers: such as Yakshas at life-force layers, demigods at mental layers and so on–and there are infinite layers and dimensions. When you gain the ability to tap into higher layers you start witnessing greater chunks of information at one-go and it appears like colorful kaleidoscopic vista of an unforeseen reality. It’s like having acquired a new pair of eyes to see what was not visible before. Thus awakening begins truly when your third eye starts to open and you start receiving data from cosmic mind in greater amounts.

One paranoid view could be to consider that gigantic demons and deities are playing a video game. Or to consider that this reality is actually a big game based on Artificial Intelligence. In fact a physicist claimed that he found chunks of binary codes in the fabric of this universe. Advocates of holographic reality are investigating how true his findings are. But if there is an infinite line of creators we might consider simulation hypothesis with some regard. I watched a film where the most advanced version of game actually involved controlling human test subjects with remote controls without their being aware of being controlled. Even players didn’t know that they were playing with live subjects like themselves because graphical user interface presented only animated versions of those people. The twists in the cruel game let the player and the played interact and they collude to get back at the heartless creator of the game.

But in the real-time(with respect to this dimension as there is no absolutely real dimension in an infinite chain of dimensions ever more real) brain might act as a receiver and various chakras are portals or interfaces for conveying information. The data centers which are located nearer to encephalon accept higher quality data compared to those which are located nearer to base center but all of them are interconnected. There are agents who have hooks in all those centers which they trigger as they push buttons and that makes us receive various signals in upper or lower centers which might be positive or negative, uplifting or depressing and they determine our destiny while we remain under the impression that we’re doers in our lives and we merely need to do more and better to achieve all that we wanted.

You only wanted limited because that is all you could perceive. That’s why letting go of limited opens you up to infinite potential of universal mind. Then you start receiving data at higher centers which enables you to observe greater chunks of universal harmony and that at first appears like strange synchronicities but gets well settled into appropriate layers which make sense and let you act harmoniously. Do you get me?

Zaza: Ah I get some of it!

Logos: You had a good siesta. Let’s consider an example: The first line of this discussion has words like Sharma and Karma and they were triggered by surname  popping in your head because of your college classmate whom you had never seen before. You wake up to find a new fellow blogger who follows you and has a surname Sharma. 

Now look at the ways this can be analyzed:

  1. Similar to so many other synchronicities before: there was someone reading into your drafts by hacking into your WordPress account. Then that same person creates an account with another name and follows you. It’s highly unlikely yet probable. Why would someone take so much interest in you? To pass time, for an experiment, for something else–curiouser and curiouser. 
  2. The person who followed you happened to follow you and you merely got an intuition to write about his surname long before. This is something which is more probable and yet unrelated to previous such accounts which are still as inexplicable as girl with all the gifts who eludes you.