Zaza: Galena graphene pillory crooner retina morphine gillory swooner garbled garb wage wars garbage badgering vagabond vagary bondage age thralldom dominance dominatrix playing tricks matrix a quick fix quivering on lips eclipse ellipsis asyndeton illiterate alliteration litotes meiosis osmotic moped pedagogue gazing gadgets polypeptides tidings hidings hidden meanings connotation contra notation evocative variation variety of varsity sextant tentative renter term matters at hand handsome sommelier saaki ikebana banana nana nanny cranny crony ponytail tailored lorry.   

Logos: Relief of a different kind. Embossed paradox docile dock doctorate of Philosophy Helena Zeus sluice lice mice meteorite spiel ezekiel gabriel raziel daniel humbug patter bugging rigamarole role playing rig fig frog frock rock under the stars snaps naps parsnip nibs snub numb nib mollycoddle doodle delta caldera clapping pageant paens.

Zaza: Ululation owl dog’s howl at Moon a goon bloviate obviate obfuscate fusillade fusty ladle musty mustard seeds sturdy greeds reeds derailed raillery stygian genes xenophobic beans eons of snails nails cutter shutter flutter tote toad dote mote of mighty midgets fidgeting around brown brownies ninety eight percent pleasant saint aint they good dubbing budding artiste auteurs raconteurs racoons in cocoons carotid arteries swollen with blood flood of neurotransmitters chirping snippets peptic ulcers pulsars sars arty fart fret froth oath thorough rough through theravada vaudeville villa village plumage of black swan wan glorious glow. 

What is Electronics master?

Logos: Very light constituent particles of matter with negative charge are known as electrons. Their motion can be manipulated easily by using electric current, heat or light and their speed can be increased. Devices which utilize controlled movement of electrons are known as electronic devices and study of these devices is Electronics.

Zaza: What are holes?

Logos: When semiconductors were used in place of ancient vacuum tubes which were bulky unstable and consumed high power we found that upon being heated electrons move and their vacancy creates positive charge which is known as holes. Holes unlike protons don’t really exist they are merely conceptual entities.

Zaza: What are temperature coefficients of conductivity and resistivity in metals and semiconductors?

Logos: When metals are heated their conductivity decreases and when semiconductors are heated their conductivity increases thus former have negative temperature coefficient of conductivity and positive temperature coefficient of resistivity. Semiconductors show increased flow of charge as they’re heated so they have positive temperature coefficient of resistivity and negative temperature coefficient of conductivity.

Zaza:  What is pedantic gospel of quixotic axioms?

Logos: That which can’t be said shan’t be said. 

Zaza: What are people afraid of?

Logos: Change, duality, reality.

Zaza: Is duality hypocrisy?

Logos: Duplicity is different from duality. Double standards is a type of duplicity and everything good or bad exists inside manifestation which is duality against the standard singularity.

Zaza: Is singularity the reality?

Logos: Pay heed to Kabir:

एक कहूँ तो है नहीं, दो कहूँ तो गारी, जैसा है तैसा रहे, कहत कबीर विचारी !

If I call it one, it’s merely a pun; if I say it’s two it’s a goo, let it be, so be it! 

Zaza: Words don’t reach Tao.

Logos: Wow.

Zaza: What?

Logos: You got it!

Zaza: I mean where?

Logos: Why, where, what, when, who, whom etcetera.

Zaza: Que sera sera, terra firma firmament firmware mentation warehouse housing loans noah’s ark shark hearken lark quark higgs-boson pie-meson masonry. Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Zoology, Botany, Pharmacy, Electronics, Communications, Fillers, physic, laxative, vituperative rhetorics, mesa sappy hokey keywords wordsworth worthy sesquipedalian quips zest maven maestro guru lama mama raven venturesome saloon salon lonesome one ransom sum mustang tang angular angler glance an ounce of sentence sententious tent entomology tomb boutonniere seismic waves death of a Buddha paradoxical parinirvana veena enervated nerd drained rain dungeon geographics graphein philistine stint tincture suture couture cut.