Three Hearts of An Octopus!

Zaza: Hearts of an octopus in October Sun. Blue owl, blue blood, bleeding stud, sweat of a hippopotamus. Cerulean rule election of delectable rectitude rampart parting ramshackled shacks hacks life strife trivial riverie eerie ataraxia satori samadhi orgasmic bliss splash of green grass yellow flowers home.

Logos: You mean this is too much?

Zaza: What?

Logos: Synchronicity galore. Experiments which can’t be repeated.

Zaza: Uncontrolled environment. Guinea pig. a gig. Zig Ziglar ziggurat minaret mausoleum  solemn millenium aluminium titanium zirconium pandemonium monastic wow kowtow chow chow powwow.  Incontinent contingency awkward ward internecine intercession nonsense rhyme calibrated liberty librarian berth Earth thorn wrong turn urn normative performance stance of neutrality suffrage suffragist gist of gigantic perforations rotations of penultimate kind mates pens stupendous and immense immolation molestation mole station spy espy eye yeah yearling cherub herb rhubarb barbed wire blurb rebus blunder der furor teutonicus.

Logos: Not just a dash of balderdash but a whole kit and kaboodle ogle bode well drink to your fill quixotic pun exotic fun humdrum humbug bugging hum mayhem mayflower bugbear bugaboo bogeyman mantis apprentice playing possum proportional potpourri pouring bedazzling desserts bushirts cats stats logicians polymaths metaphysical rants and vats. Staves vested interests terse serenity standard rests. Thespian pianist.

Zaza: A querulous abbess touch base with touchstone tone of necrophilia celestial nymph photons hot on tons of stunning stunts tentative blunts. Stamina tamed beast stubborn yeast delinquent querent rent sin qua non non pareil par excellence.

Logos: Oh pineapple juice opine pine for opinions of ions snide myrmidons donning denigrating grateful girth. Preen prime primp pomp pomposelli botticelli celluloid void dotage dotty dote tandem random dome dumb bombshell chaperoning paper vapor porous skin kins and kith thalamus muster the courage rage cougar slouching on the couch ouch touching tattered rags calling names and inspiration had hit the home run blindsided by terpsichorean rebuff grimace of ace grim rim moribund mores torpedo current starfish incur wrath of titans on rath atavistic repercussions cushions and ottomans mensuration walmart part by part distributed art.


The Promissory Note!

Should I go to my uncle’s place or stay here? She asked. 

She was cute but knowingly used to indulge in mischief because it brought a lot of attention to her. There was no other place where people paid attention to her. She had tried copying voice of bullies and ragamuffins in her school and playground and she had also tried pretending to be bigger than she actually was but nobody paid attention.

This was the only place where she was punished by her kind hearted teacher who once was strictly against all kind of punishment but knowing that she wanted the crooked attention started following her other staff-members and punished by tickling her time to time. She had two small cut marks on her left cheek and a long nose and the teacher was ever so kind to her that she adored her but she never followed her advice as she was getting addicted to her crooked love.

Whenever teacher used to teach other students in person she used to bombard her with nonsensical questions-not allowing her even a minute of time with them. She was her favorite teacher and it was really peculiar that she wanted company of other students to talk instead of doing her work but as soon as teacher started helping them individually she would shower her with an array of odd questions about unrelated subjects. Teacher knew well why she used to behave like that but out of her love she used to tell her answers to all her questions with patient earnestness and also used to punish her time-to-time. She liked the punishment as it was mostly being tickled or writing extra pages of sentences. 

Should I go to my uncle’s place or stay here, she asked again. 

Teacher didn’t turn to her as she was writing on board and asked her a counter-question: why are you asking me that? Do as you please. 

But I will do as you ask, she said.

Other students were laughing at her by now. 

Then the kind teacher said: where do you feel better? Stay where you feel at home.

Oh it’s so difficult to decide, but I have participated in the dancing competition which would be held for the Republic Day celebrations–so I feel I should stay. Now she had resolved her dilemma on her own. She had her bona-fide excuse to stay.

And a promise made a long ago was fulfilled. But the promissory note had acquired dust of time. The kid didn’t know that the teacher fulfilled the promise she made to her a long ago and oblivious to each other they went to their beds.