Oozing Zoology Logical Calculus!

Zaza: A chiropractor practicing on a tractor lacked tact and torpor took over her porous skin. They say road to hell is paved with good intentions.

Logos: Yes, hell is not eternal. Intentions are to teach certain lessons to certain souls for certain period of time so whoever they’re they certainly have good intentions and then it’s also true that every moment in hell looks like an eternity and eternity doesn’t have moments. And then it also depends on what you call ‘good.’ 

Analyze this: 

There appeared many shadows on the horizon. One was all ears the other had doors open for all sundry and water balloons and yet another was a pattern to be carved and yet there was another crude insinuation of female pretending to be male and male pretending to be female-an androgynous expression with deep complexes which needed to be healed. There was a dark shadow which indicated misuse of some powers. As a beam of dark-blue light flashed they all disappeared one after another into the oblivion. While these shadows were trying to highlight one singular unmistaken pattern they rediscovered themselves and found to be aspects of one giant shadow. Still this shadow couldn’t reconcile all these aspects as they came back into it after returning from their projected journey.  


Analyze that: 

Rut is a groove made by wheels in the Earth. Rut is also a boring routine or sexual excitement in males in mammals. The Hindi word ‘Rat’ or ‘Ratna’ or ‘Ratant'(also used in Sanskrit) which is used for rote-memorization seems to be the source of this word, though I am not sure about it. When you repetitively speak something actually you’re creating grooves in your brain–some neural pathways. But ruts are boring because of lack of any variation in the tasks or patterns. Learning is made interesting by playful tasks which differ from groovy rote-memorization which creates rut. Chanting mantras is also creating high vibrational frequency ruts which helps you sublimate low vibrations into higher channels or ruts on the Earth of your consciousness. There is a popular verse in Hindi:

करत करत अभ्यास के जड़मति होत सुजान, रसरी आवत जात ते सिल पे होत निशान !

It means practice can make even a dull mind knowledgeable and sharp as rope by its repeated movement through the stone can create ruts on it. The grooves on a stone which is kept at wells in Indian villages testify power of repeated movements or practice. The rope is made of jute yarns which are soft compared to stone but when they repeatedly keep going through the stone they create deep marks on it. Similarly learners are exhorted to keep practicing in their discipline as practice makes grooves on the Earth of their mind. 

Zaza: Dear master, Sun is ripened in Sagittarius and just about to enter into the Capricorn. What do you observe this time around?

Logos: Clinton was a very good boy Mr. Stark and he didn’t even fight boys around him. Coughing old man called him: Sir, come scribe is waiting to circumvent circular circumnavigation by using his circus and cussing but my circadian rhythm is no longer what it used to be a long time ago as circular circumcision took all my precision away from surreptitious soliloquies. Do I make some sense, Mr. Stark?

Zaza: A denim dungaree, garish eyelet letting go of eyesight espy pieces of esplanade. Goofy caper, graft leper paper tigers girdled riders dearth of Earth arth ka anarth, north by northwest , westminster minister stern nest nasty stasis sisyphean phenomena, noumena, meningitis gin, noetic tickle cosmic giggle gallimaufry fried and dried galley, gallant knight benighted by delighting lights. 

Logos: loll lollygag gag, wag waggish codswallop walloping yokels yodeling concatenated caterwaul wailing catwalk on catacombs catering catatonia cat got my tongue when it hung on a hanger with a dangar. 

Zaza: Mordant rodent dent on a rod, an ermite a bite a rodomontade mounting on a montane dorm morbid bidding of monsoon soon to become Moon oenophile filling philistine necrophiles nephiliams riding ranges on angler glaciers.

Logos: Inquietude, inquiry, quiet quarry, array of rays bedazzling bedraggled rags and vermilion lions scattered like worms on wormholes and time-loops.

Zaza: Limbo bimbo standing akimbo bombarding bombastic bantering batteries bacchanalian canal canard canary candid admission of missionary zeal zealot loitering around toilet letting go teetotaler totalitarian into arian aryans rending rendezvous vouchsafing fierce phosphorescent scents centurion turmeric mercurial temperamental parapsychological chronology chromosomes of sommelier leery errors rising singers and singularities totality tagged along aged gerrard an adventitious title a sojourn urn jocular culvert converting veritable tables into blase bland blanches avalanches of hunches hunting crunches and checkered cactuses obtuse angles gathering drops in the fireflies and clear light. 

Logos: Time-worn time-tested time-warp, waffles, waif, naif, failure, dud, luring stud, stub, slug, lugard lug, guard guardian angel gelatinous, Fugard osmosis meiosis litotes typos postulates accolades ladles gazebo gazpacho patching up gazes bovine vines sinecures curing sins since century took its turn no rings of Saturn were seen with a sheen of azure mist or a jury to rule the verdict out of verisimilitude of similar diction indicting decadent destiny of stingy dancers, racing through aces and certainly ailing to avail veils of lizard brain when rains on distant grasslands slanders sultry ultraviolet vagrant grandeur deuteronomy doom nigh high ghost hosting sting operation narration of ratifying fliers liars sires tyres resplendent lenses senescent scenery nursery rhyme misery seraglio ogling oozing zingy inglenook cranny nanny nancy drew a circle which trapped her inside now to break the magic she needs a ride. Deride devastation delusion fusion of vast staves knaves napes apes apiary rains stains chains cranes snares serenades fades decades aids stamina minarets rates of minatory minions onions on and on layers under layers lairs hollow stares tattered gears all ears sears and serrated rears surrounding round susurrations usurpation of patios patico syncopation pep talk pepsin sine qua non quiescent scientology scintilla of cinderella slippers peppers and paupers walking hand-in-hand protuberance  bearing semblance of lancets and lecterns turning on turnip nipping them in the bud buddhist jataka tales stale stasis atavistic tavern navigating uncharted territories hidden in the profound depths of Perth.