Zaza: Dear master, I feel I heard some clear voices today.

Logos: Ah, isn’t it after a long time that we heard something again! What did they say?

Zaza: They were merely confirming what I already knew.

Logos: And what was that you already knew?

Zaza: That’s what. What inspired who and who inspired what and they mutually inspired each other to create swan songs of penultimate kind.

Logos: Strange circus it’s! People hear what is not said, then they read between, under and over lines–no they even erase what is written for there is repeated writing on palimpsests of sistine chapel and then again start playing games–for night is a jungle and darkness is a long tunnel.

Zaza: And pride?

Logos: What about it?

Zaza: Pride goes before the fall as warlock calls upon the coven and then they burn that cauldron up again. They put cucumbers, mashed potatoes, chilly and peanut butter into it and start cooking cocktail tales. Fall salutes the pride as they go gungho and goblins dance in runics around burning flames yet again. 

Logos: For night of gods comes to an end–now gods will play as demons will sleep!

Zaza: So be it!

Logos: So be it!

Zaza: What did they preserve out of the chimerical man?

Logos: That should remain a mystery I guess and serve as substratum for infinite tales of romantic mysteries being told in this universe and elsewhere.  

Zaza: I did not want to address anyone but I really wish them all well. Let them do what takes them to their destiny. At least I stopped hearing voices. Well of compassion of enlightened beings never dries and that is open for me and all others to drink from.

Logos:  Anemone. mnemonic pneumonia. metronome of anomie. binomial milieu. Metempsychosis. meteoric shower. Mea culpa kalpa, papal palpitations paisley parsley layman’s manticle ticklish listorian the picture of dorian, gray ray of ravishing wishes swishing saturnalia.   

Zaza: Farewell for welfare wellweather theatrical thaumaturge turgid ginger gingerly germane arcane canister sterling hygienical hryvnia heavenly abode of evenly placed elysian collysium. Symposium posture stature of tattered legerdemain maintenance tenant of ranting pant ant recant decant caper taper paper perpetuating paraphernalia magnolia gnomic jejune june johnson sonorous Sun and then some more rome roaming around ming dynasty and stygian sturdy dynamic of comical calculators meters eternal nullification of fictitious parlance par excellent relentless remittance trance of transferring consciousness sumptuous solicitation and ration for whole nation.