The Central Junction!

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She came last night. I offered her a cup of tea. She looked at me and smiled. Then I saw her going back to where she came from. She had many questions plastered on her forehead and her feet were cold. Her skin was blue and she was murmuring something to herself.

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The Central Junction

The Ida called Pingala and they met at the central junction. Then they went a mile on rickshaw before disappearing into the oblivion. The Chakradhar started humming songs opening all doors which led to the central junction and all winds started gathering there leaving filtered smoke outside which was black tar. Demonic winds vamoosed as effulgent Sun appeared on the horizon which dazzled eyes of all those who stood there beholden.  

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Logos: Mensch, ubermensch,

And he thanked…

And he thanked smoke. He folded his hands and bowed to fog. Then he genuflected to mysterious darkness for they let him pass by. Unless they were there with scintillating mirages, angel farts and ghost whispers he would have disappeared into the oblivion. He thanked gory queen bee whose pheromone output hadn’t diminished all these years. And he thanked Devil and Chronos for they kept God at party. Doldrums didn’t come knocking to his door as game of shadows kept him afloat. He thanked and thanked. 

Zaza: Germinal germs, minal residency, dense mense, seminal nauseam, kibbutz, buzzing bees beseeching chihuahua, ho chi minh, harangue orangutan, tanned nerds, serfs pharisaical seraphs rafts and aftermaths method acting.