Carnal Release

Loved reading this masterpiece from young poet! I hope you would also appreciate his work!

Sapling of Dawn

The capricious charisma,in my
Mind of thy cloying smile
Is penetrating into my being.

Am I a hedonist? An
Idiosyncratic of your tastes
Trying to attain nirvana in
The summer of your abdomen.

For how long will you, assure
The false panacea to soothe my
Soul,but not my body.

Are you afraid of the stigma
In your suave obligations,about
My presence when we burn together
In my callipygian adventures.

Embrocation of your snake
Petted,training in you mouth
On mine,is becoming fugacious.

Lassitude didn’t kiss you,when
I begged for a volume, but still
That snake of yours gripped mine
Now the upper one,to make me inure.

I know why you hesitate to sign
On the palimpsest of my propinquity,
I hope you get poisoned
By that other snake!!!

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