Zaza: Fusty, musty, crusty, rusty, gusty, stygian angle glandular undulation.

Logos: A board above board aboveboard overboard boarding above dingy ditty ding-dong drab dour trapdoor. 

Zaza: Lopsided lop opulent elope opalescent palpitations of picayune pita pall pale tate.

Logos: Panache, a pain in the ass, a panhandle an ache chasing hashish.

Zaza: Dulcet dulcimer, virtuous virtuosity, tortuous murmurations, murals on the walls in a rural rusticated setting. Tingling glimpse of pasquinade, a renegade serenade, a grenade degrading denigrating grated denizens in zen dungeons geologically isolated dumbfounded fountains.

Logos: Analyze that:

A pattern told you about one psychological profile. Another pattern told you about another. A guava with red pigments, green spots and rough skin. A puppy which died of cold. Compassion which knows no bounds and courage which has come of age. Undoubted passage of time yielding fragments of slippery psyche on wet roads. A strange sound of a wind demon leaving a body as witness witnesses the exit. What was for you, what was for them, what was for her, you wonder and then this wonder fades and another blunder starts taking shape. 

Zaza: A queen marking boundaries of a marquee. Spelunk in Lanka, a tanka in a tank, cancerous canker, kerfuffle, kerchief, curmudgeoning cormorant ranting about corporeal estate tasting caustic sticks and throwing blue stones. 

Logos: Bleak bleats, eats blasting blusters bombastic eastern promises, large egregious largesse, a guess estimate, guesstimate maternal uncle. 

Zaza: A passe poseur posing with posse possessing preposterous postulations and posteurs posting post apocalyptic potions. 

Logos: Undulated dullards broken winter shards herds of nerds ululating cacophonous curds. 


The Silence

I walk the street and meet people walking besides me. Then I walk another street and meet some other people as they nod and smile at me and from the mountaintops I see people walking in previous street and I also see people walking in the last street and I start walking another street which is silent. I hear the dead of the silence. I am the silence of the death. I am burnt noodles, vomiting women and beggars of the fourth kind. 

Logos: Ripe tripe, gripping gripe, circumstantial stance, trance of galactic proportions.

Zaza: Bleak bleat bubbling bulb, blabbering labor boreal orb orbital projection banter canter careen rumpled pulse secular cult culvert vertical ventricle. 

Logos: A cinder found asunder under the derelict bridge, a ridge, a delinquent querent, renting a tiny apartment parting ways without mentioning cause, using cars outing peppermint. 

Zaza: A thick soup, tomatoes, cucumber chowder, time-loop, amber, cream and powder. 

Logos: Unguent glue miscegenation generation ration gene general rationale ratiocination nation rascals scaling gallant lentils tilling lances slant antechambers burial grounds nuts stunts and ruts ratatouille. 

Zaza: Almond mound Monday daisy dais purvey survey vary curvy variety tier tyro royal alcove variant mote scintilla flotilla floating gloating gauntlet gaunt. 

Logos: Pince-nez of pensioner, sinner, sinus, nestled stylus, lustrous lust, strident dent, strict district, tricked rig, rigged truck, truncated catwalk, walkman man on mars, sparse space, paced cedar, darling daring to ring at dormant mantelpieces.

Zaza: Intramural internment, interred into graveyard with grave ramifications factions cliques coteries ripping pieces of artistic sticklers apart.

Logos: Miasma, asthma, mimesis, miss, ethereal real surreal surrounding rounds surplus bounds skin hounds horrendous doldrums drumming with precision recidivism and reason, atavistic vista tasty vestiges of jesty tergiversation. 

Zaza: Some people sit in private others sit in public, some people distribute it for free some others sell it. Some people steal it and some others slit for it. 


The Mountain

Her problem was being too sincere. She was born old. It wasn’t visible on her body which appeared like that of any other children in her class but her thinking was that of an old wise priestess or an oracle. When her teacher told about the theory of seven incarnations to the class she told that all humans take seven births and as they go through successive lives their wisdom keeps increasing because they have been here longer than others. Such souls are called Mountain Souls she said. Next to them are the Dragon Souls who have also been here for more than most but Mountain Souls. The teacher told that Mountain Souls leave this world to never come back in the cycle of birth and death here as they’ve finished their lessons and there is no need for them to be here anymore.

She was thinking to herself: what if a soul is wise enough to leave this world right from its first birth? Why would it stay here any longer? What if a soul is wise enough to not stay here even for another minute–would such a soul stay here and go through successive births–will then that be a mistake in the system? What if a wise soul didn’t want to leave? As she was going through these thoughts in her mind’s garden the teacher had finished telling about the signs of Mountain Soul and she heard her name being shouted by all other students. They all considered her a Mountain Soul but she wasn’t sure about it and she didn’t have courage to ask those questions to her teacher–though she eagerly awaited her supposed final departure from this world. My ships are waiting in the valley to take me home: she kept mulling over it over and over. 

  Zaza: Dunlop codswallop swallowing succubus incubus bacchus omnipotent omnibus bustling and hustling through capering minarets.

Logos:  Au gratin, satin, satan, tanned sans serif, seraph ralph, raziel, gabriel ezekiel, keel, eel, elementary tar, mentor, menthol, thule, leprechaun.

Zaza: Expiation in an apiary, Xenophobic Xenon, Argon gone by days decathlon, Benzene rings, Benzaldehyde hiding in the rock park, parking lot, aragone, berkeley and Hartley with a heart of gold.    

Logos: Pastoral pastiches, arcadian agrarians, circadian cadillacs, laconic ions, knicknacks, cackling cocktails, tailored lores. Sore ores sententious tenses sasquatch.