The Real in the Unreal

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It’s funny how the world is so full of contradictions; how every time a proposition is presented, the contradictions come rushing in – the opponents, the critics, the naysayers. Not to sound too morose, but I find the greatest contradiction has manifested itself in regards to the impending inevitable, the doom, the death, the mortality, of life.

At times it seems as if we are such fools- confused, afraid and lost in an abyss of ignorance, where despite (presumably) knowing everything, we are in a mad rush to defy it, to prolong, to postpone, what we know will happen no matter what effort we put into it, or rather, against it.

Knowing death is inevitable, why do we discover new medicines to evade it? Can we evade it? What is the point in delaying it? Knowing lost time can never come back, why is there a constant attempt to…

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