Boondoggling Panhandle!

Zaza: To parry a blow to catch glow of fleeting gloaming, to dodge roaming ramshackled shackles, remnant dreams in pretan realms, alms given to smashing shinchu. 

Logos: Moribund boondock saints boondoggling moratorium. Rinse verve as it takes nerve for enervated veterinarian renegade to gander gardner nerd. How easy to create delusions–fractured flashes and to perpetuate them as Karma accumulates you succumb to unencumbered cucumbers, numbers which reverberate berated river beds. 

Zaza: Prosaic mosaics, vituperative rants, Entamoeba histolytica, prosody prorogue rogues aubergine genie. Temporized tempers, sequestered sequences, quiescent scientists, senescent sententious sentences cesspool pooling carpooling corporeal corrosive ventures.

Logos: Trappings which trap, a cloture a clove, filibuster, ghostbuster, busted myth, mythological logician, incineration, jiggery-pokery, a soul’s mockery, mockingbird a sanctuary, estuary, smarmy fealty, realty teal. Temporize temper, vaporize pork barrel, filial fusillade.

Zaza: Abut a buttery buttress, restitution for a tuition of intuition, travesty of vested interests which rest about a bout of tambourine. His cousin cozened him and a daunted doyen gave him a yen en route to a dungeon. Suzerain susie raining on parade of Zerry with a jeremiad, a dyad or two a tiered tiara a tyro.     

Logos: Intone.

Zaza: Busk.

Logos: Panhandle

Logos: Rusk.

Zaza: Mace Mesh mess mishmash miss moss morose rose macerated cereal surreal susurration usury surly burly husky busky bosky bassinet.  

Logos: Demonic pandemonium, pantry trying gentry pandey daily lying with laundry drying inglenook.  

Zaza: Infinitive infinity, daring rendering denizens of Zen, gender bender derelict licking boots of totalitarian regiment. A dirk which irks the wayward vagabond.

Logos: The uninflected infection, fecund faction, action distraction, Michael Jackson, Jaikishan Sharma. Dewachen Dzogchen, Chenrezig Zig Ziglar lurking large behind king of kings. Toady toad, roady road, depraved Ved, depredation, dating tincture, punctured tureen runic nunchuck.

Zaza: Oshogatsu, langtan, synchronistic plastic plastid fractured fragile gilletin tintinnabulation a lotion of absolute proportions a lute a klutz a harmony a buzz, brazen voice of a zen master a smile and another green mile.


The Astral Travel

They were four of them, remorseless, callous and travelling on air. As the black guards approached flying towards them they feigned forgetfulness to avoid inquiry. Their auras couldn’t be read as they pretended they were morons but they carried heavy guilt inside their conscience. They kept flying above the boundary of the playground where they had beaten a kid to death and they thought that kid was a wicked presence. They thought that unless they did what they did-the kid and his companion might have done the same to them. They had the pride of warriors–samurai. 

Then they stopped at a shop to buy groceries. The elder brother had more guilt than younger brother. The dapper younger brother bought many issues of a spiritual magazine and then ordered to smoke Ganja. The elder was concerned about the increasing darkness in their aura and he kept reviewing the scene of torturous killing. 

That towel has a faint color, show me one with stronger color, he said to the shopkeeper who was a friend. But that looks so beautiful, the shopkeeper said. He was a friend but they insisted on buying one with a stronger color and kept reviewing the struggle they just had in the playground as they were flying towards their next destination: with spiritual magazines, ganja and towels.  

Zaza: Chowder, powder, morning aroma, macaroni and corona. A mountebank on bank of a river, saucy sauce, gripping grippe, gripe ripening pensive shivering vernacular in curriculum of cumulative mulct. 

Logos: A ditty, nitty-gritty, grating grills, chills hitting home-run, runaway children chilling out in the sahara. 

Zaza: Fusty attic, antinomy of attitude altered on lantern of subaltern latitudes.

Logos: Flash fiction, perturbed diction, diphtheria diphthong, autochthonous chromosome, some more of same Saturnine turmeric murmuring rings of Moon spies spices espy pisces piscatorial tortula. 

Zaza: Ordinary ordinance ordnance for orbital obituary nancy’s naina nanotech lost track rack crack crackle coodle kaboodle dullard.   

Logos: To divvy the mundanity and naivety into divinity and vanity sequestered in querulous quorums. 

Zaza: I mean how else could he do it? Eye-contact, Dev Anand song, that verse to do as you please, babe, and others which you thought were mundanities. I mean it has to be what you suspected it to be and not mere synchronicity.

Logos: Let’s practice deferment of judgment. They never had the intention of concealing that aspect. But only when time is ripe do you know.  


Another Siddhartha

Siddhartha of Hermann Hesse follows a different course from historical Siddhartha who became a Siddha. Once looking for immortality he now looks for mundanity. The effervescence of divine love in fleeting glimpses is all there is–for difference between mundane and divine had been becoming thinner. A lost cause. Once a seeker of enlightenment seeks his lost love now. For his destiny is different from that of the prince of Shakyamuni clan who left his newborn and beautiful wife for finding a cure for agonizing suffering of mankind–which was his own suffering. Siddhartha of Hermann Hesse walks the path of Yogi, Dzogchen and then path of Yoga Bhrashta for his destiny wasn’t the destiny of another Buddha in the past. He was a unique wildflower not a world-teacher. He finds that culmination of his search is unlike anything he had dreamed about. He looks at people toiling and looks at hollow towers, he finds reflections and echoes and reaches into the chamber of heart where the naked mystery lives.