Loving The Phantoms!

Zaza: The word ‘Vyasan’ in Hindi primarily means ‘addictions.’ But the actual word in Sanskrit also meant ‘tragedy,’ and one of the verses taught in middle school says that one’s kin are recognized only when tragedy visits them. It’s interesting how the meaning morphed as word entered into Hindi from Sanskrit. Addictions eventually ruin people and their lives become tragedies. 

Logos: The word guy which primarily means a dude or man is also informally used by people for a group of people including men and women. But unless you peruse a dictionary you rarely come across its secondary meanings. One meaning is a cable or wire used to brace a tent–this is also used as a verb. Another meaning which is even rarer in use is a verb which means to subject someone to ridicule or laughter. I think it’s the primary meaning which is seen in social media, films and magazines mostly. 

Zaza: Let’s take turns for speaking-shall we? I mean sometimes you speak so much that I am bombarded with a deluge of words which become a lullaby and I fall asleep and in the hypnagogic state I start uttering all kind of nonsense which you so dislike.

Logos: Oh sure–it happens sometimes–so be it. 

Zaza: What do you think about Phowa practice? 

Logos: I feel the window of death for enlightenment is present at every moment and masters are right if they ask us to prepare for death every living moment but there arises, in an untrained mind, an anxiety and fear of unknown regarding death which proceeds along the lines of ‘what if…’ I feel it’s akin to those students preparing for their exams at the last minute. It does make some difference in their results especially if the questions asked are rote-memorization type and use our short-term memories. But if they use skills and long-term memory then last minute cramming is of no use. Similarly if we extrapolate it to death we realize that last minute preparations are not going to create much change unless you’ve prepared for death beforehand. Gandhi could remember Ram before passing away because he had developed his awareness by a life-long practice. Practice makes causes to ripen and these causes produce effects in due time. Nothing happens without causes no matter however subtle they are. Most of the people aren’t fortunate to be in the company of Phowa masters and if they haven’t really prepared for death they should accept whatever dawns upon them because in the end it’s always the Truth. But even acceptance happens when we have practiced it. And when we really master acceptance in our day-to-day lives we can practice it in the end as well.

In enlightened masters the heart knot is severed and essential nature of enlightened mind shines forth: therefore neither they need to do anything nor we need to worry about their departure. They’re one with the Absolute. Those who are advanced practitioners yet not fully enlightened need to focus between eyebrows or on fontanel to travel towards pure lands where rest of their journey towards enlightenment is completed. Our consciousness travels on subtle winds and finds apertures to move out of the body–out of the nine apertures the fontanel or eye center takes one to higher dimensions and the heart merges one into Absolute whereas lower apertures take one to realms of Pretans, Titans or this Human realm again. With sustained practice our extremely subtle consciousness starts residing at higher centers automatically and we need not do anything to bring our attention at higher chakras. Therefore one must give-up laziness and keep practicing as any moment can be the moment of final departure from this realm.

Zaza: If one can’t do anything it’s possible for them to let their eyes well up as they humbly try to remember their masters. Let them recall all the masters who helped them gain spiritual awareness. Here faith comes into action and your attention would swing towards masters who had given you most important lessons in life. They might not have been physically present and inspired you by their teachings or living but their extremely subtle consciousness would help you transcend limitations as you earnestly supplicate to them. 

Logos: Yes, and it’s easiest to do because all it requires is faith and asking. But delusions mar the extremely subtle consciousness at the time of death like no other. Then one needs to do conscious effort to create faith and every word chanted or said with faith creates more of it and it eventually helps one gain the clear light path.

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Logos: A. O. Hume disinterred a corpse and found that exhuming was no boon. Boondoggling bane was to grapple with bones which were humongous and there was a lot of fungus. Gusty winds goaded him to give it up as he was tired now, mired in the dire circumstances with a stench so foul that even ghouls and owls had stopped visiting. 

Zaza: What is with reason and poetry, master?

Logos: I feel poetry needs no reason as it’s the language of soul. Look how loving a ghost made you poetic every time and when ghosts disappear poetry disappears too. 

Zaza: Then all poets must be in love.

Logos: Yes they love something or the other. There is a season for yearning and then there is a season for expressing love. Then follows the season for separation and mourning. Then there’s an excuse to sing as you remember the beloved and again expect love’s arrival. Reasons galore to express unreasonable feelings for one’s object of love-one’s soul.

Zaza: Heart flows in love like never before and never after. I feel it’s those hormones which make us unreasonably romantic as drugs do. We don’t censor or squelch and say as it feels.

Logos: Yes, in normal people sense and sensibility keeps censoring their unreasonable passions before they’re expressed but poets live in another dimension. 

Zaza: Most of the greatest religious scriptures are poetic works unlike philosophical treatises of thinkers.

Logos: Yes, love for divine sings and it’s soul’s song for the Absolute. A romantic companion is immediate face of the Absolute which triggers flowering of heart and it blossoms with every touch more and more. 

Zaza: Ah!