Range of similars and opposites

All opposites operate in an environment or a range as do all relatives. For example-the antonym of word ‘vociferate’ is ‘whisper’ because one means to speak loudly and the other means to speak in such a volume as to be barely audible–here, both operate in a range of ‘speech’–some sound is being created. I’ve often wondered why ‘silence’ can’t be opposite of ‘vociferate’–the reason is that range doesn’t match. Silence falls in a range where no sound is being created-thus becoming opposite to all types of speeches and it’s generalized opposition of speech. Vociferate means a specific way of sound creation and its opposition has to be found in the same range–sound creation–so whispering becomes its appropriate antonym. Same is true for human relations–all oppositions exist at similar frequency as do all relations–that’s the very cause by which people who’re friends become enemies and more often than not you find that hatred of closest relatives is highest. Detachment means dropping out of society–it’s not opposite of friendship or enmity–it’s a totally different range. If you carefully study texts–you find that synonyms are often used adjacent to each other in most lines–even by prominent authors–it has become kind of custom–so if you don’t know meaning of some words–some other words nearby them might help you out and almost always context helps you find out the meaning. Similarly, if you’re unable to find your frequency of vibration or level of being look at your context–you can’t really be too different from those around you. To take an example–if you complain about people around you being ‘selfish’ or ‘betrayers’ there must exist in you to a great extent the same qualities which you might not have recognized to the full or which might not have come into the fruition as yet.  

By the same argument almost all humanity exists at the same level–therefore extreme wickedness or piety is ascribed as caused by some demonic or divine interference respectively. But it stands to reason that if you want to figure out meaning of your existence you need to look around yourself-your immediate relatives, your friends, your society, nation and culture–this is what Karma stands for–but not so easily understood. The technical way is to find out personality traits-good or bad which cause the strongest impression in you but present in people around you in your day-to-day life. Though it might cause a great denial in you but the same trait will be present in you to a great extent–thereby telling you about what you carry with you and general direction of your life.