The Shrine(2010)


This film stands out for being fresh with elements of mystery, intrigue and horror. Fog has always attracted me-be it in real life or onscreen. The gore and expressions are really creepy here but production seems to be of somewhat low quality which makes it seem like a really good episode of a TV series instead of being a film-budget issues . I’ve watched many horror films in last few years and this one is really better than most because of substantial story and plot which has twists at right intervals. I kept pressing upon my memory to recall the name of the male protagonist whom I thought I had seen somewhere–and then in a scene it clicked–I was watching none other than much celebrated serial killer fame Dexter–Aaron Ashmore–I had forgotten the name by now but face stood out–he has a very limited range of expressions-can’t complain. The possession of girl in the end frightens you and it has a great range of demonic expressions which are absent from the most of the rest of the movie.

image courtesy: imdb