Madam Curie’s Birth Chart!


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Capricorn arises at about 15 degrees in the eastern horizon which makes lagna fairly strong and it’s also fully aspected by Saturn-the lord of lagna and partially by Venus, Mercury and Mars. There is a powerful stellium in the sign Scorpio in eleventh house and Mars being lord of the house joins in the stellium. Such concentration of planetary energies indicates a great dedication towards esoteric studies and since it’s in the house of communities it furthers the cause of scientific studies worldwide. Moreover since this stellium forms in the tenth house from Moon, which is the highest public visibility house, she is one of the greatest scientists ever and one with a Nobel prize dyad-a rare one indeed. Mars occupying its own sign in a kendra from Moon suggests Ruchaka Yoga which makes her a great personality. In horoscope of Einstein we see such a stellium in the tenth house from lagna which occurs in the watery Pisces dual sign. Here we find it in the fixed water sign which is great for esoteric, occult, healing and profound studies. Madam curie was a champion and debilitated Sun attains cancellation of debility–granting him great public honor. 

Gaja-Keshari Yoga in the second house with south node of Moon is significant as it makes her a great scientist. Jupiter alone in the second house can make one a scientist, astrologer or a writer–here we find it in Aquarius which is almost as fruitful as its sign of exaltation and Moon enhances its beneficence. The sign Aquarius is a regular highlight in my studies for scientists, polymaths, researchers and authors. Leonardo Da Vinci, Leibniz, Goethe and many other greatest polymaths were born with the Aquarius Moon.


Atmakaraka Moon rises in the navamsha chart for this nativity–which indicates a royal stature enjoyed by her by virtue of her findings. Mercury attaining the same sign as lagna here becomes vargottama-conferring a great intellect upon her. Sun gets exalted here highlighting Neecha-Bhanga Rajayoga. Atmakaraka Moon is exalted here–thus many planets along with Atmakaraka are well dignified in navamsa too.