On his way to work he used to see this limping man with a grey stubble. A reel flashed before his eyes-a decade of fervent activity when life seemed to be fun and full of hope. Today he decided to salute the old man. The old man didn’t recognize the biker but returned greetings out of politeness. This night-in a dream- the young man finds himself talking to his school friend whom he hadn’t seen in over a decade and half. He tells him that he missed his company and it seemed very mysterious and curious that he was the only one out of their school lot to have dropped out of their gang altogether. Nobody had heard from him for a long time.  In the dream language he tells that his mother had died and that rendered him deeply depressed–he merged himself into pile of studies and went on to earn a doctorate and started teaching in a college. Listening this the young man hugged his friend hard and kept rubbing his back to comfort him. The next day as he saw the old man on his way to work he stopped and after exchanging a few greetings  asked about his son. In a sad tone the old man reported about the demise of his son a while ago-he had committed suicide.  The old man was a drunkard and used to beat his wife and children in their childhood. The reason behind the death of the woman remains unknown but the young man had completely forgotten about the fact that it was a piece of information given to him by another friend and it seemed like a fresh news given to him in a dream by the son of the deceased. The subconscious has a way with images-it deletes many things and prepares recipes for dreams-the night is long and the show must go on; he thought to himself as the old man sobbed a little.