Inland Empire And Rabbits!

David Lynch’s Inland Empire is a film with many metaphors. The rabbits are people with personalities busy in their private dreams. Their incoherent dialogues represent Karma of humanity and gods appearing occasionally represent supra-mental forces thriving on fear and desire. The audience which keeps laughing on performance of rabbits is witnessing consciousness. The girl who is watching the TV show all the time is also witnessing consciousness. The actress meets the girl in the room in the end of the film–which is self rediscovering itself after forgetfulness. The husband of the actress who is the magician represents mind with its many tricks–which makes her forget herself–therefore she traverses through many lives and cultures searching for her own self. The longest running radio show is a suggestion to tell that entire thing takes place inside space-time–while witnessing consciousness is beyond space-time and beyond mind(magician.) The witnessing consciousness in form of the girls represents various experiences across various times and places. The woman who appears in the beginning tells a tale–she stands for the negative aspect of mind which creates evil, Karma and destiny where there is none. Rabbits are mysterious and they represent unconscious mind–because Karma gets created via incoherent words, memories and suggestions. The search for mysterious and beautiful is search for dreams, intrigue and reality–but in the end it ends where it starts–in the Self–the girl finds herself. Reality is neither one nor many–it’s. The blurring between reality and film as well as past, present and future becoming one suggest that the witnessing consciousness(girl) traverses beyond space and time–across multiverses. The reality can’t be expressed in words much less via a film but I feel this film is a great attempt to paint a picture of Self rediscovering itself as beyond space-time, beyond religions and business–beyond taboos and relations and beyond dreams, paranoia and trauma. Kudos to David Lynch and team!


4 thoughts on “Inland Empire And Rabbits!

  1. Interesting analysis… I would have never thought of reading it this way.
    I watched this film quite a while ago and I didn’t like it at all. It felt like a series of weird uneasy situations weaved together just for sensational effect… Like a lot of his movies it has a dream like feel to it, but I found it overall boring and unpleasant to watch. I’m glad you found spirituality in it and explain it here as I wouldn’t have seen it… 🙂

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