How your universe collapses and awareness emerges afresh?

Everything which was keeping you fast asleep starts helping you wake up when it’s about time. If you like reading fiction or watching films it will also help you wake up as much as meditation, religion or anything else will. There is no cause for awakening or sleep. When it’s beginning of awakening you see intense suffering and effort on your part which is mostly for your ripening. When you have no desires anymore–only a great longing for peace or truth you realize your Self. Then meditation becomes spontaneous and you realize that you never did anything because yours was no effort at all–it was as if a superpower was working inside your heart all along–which was your true nature. This knowledge takes some time to get well integrated into your system. Beginning of awakening, middle and end are all contained in this moment in NOW–in the ever present. That which appears to happen doesn’t have an existence–that which is true foundation of each event never appears, can’t experienced, can’t be pointed to and can’t be expressed in words albeit by denial of all perceived and imagined. 

You were never born but the memories of early childhood are the best memories of your existence because they are the calls for returning to your home. Your home is full of love, peace and compassion. The ego makes you separated from your self. When there are no desires anymore your efforts cease. This effortlessness makes the self shine apparent. It was always there but effort was necessary to burn away all the false memories. When consciousness becomes free of useless contents you rediscover your true nature. Non-doing is the force which clears all obstacles on the way to Nirvana.

After it begins Sahaja which is an effortless existence where intelligent response to all situations shines forth with courage and love. The desirelessness and fearlessness makes you feel how calm and tranquil you can become among vicissitudes of life and ultimately your humble awareness leads to harmony in universe. Your very presence becomes a blessing to one and all.  You are truth, goodness and beauty of the universe. Whatever a child does is beautiful because it’s innocent similarly whatever you do after awakening is beautiful. It’s beautiful, intelligent and harmonious.

Your presence is established when you remain alert and act with courage and skill in your waking state. The roll of your dreams keeps moving in your waking state too. That is why you find so many synchronicities and too rapidly. The memories from your dream appear in waking state but usually you keep forgetting. When you awaken you realize that all those events happened hundreds of times before–your attitude needed to be adjusted–now that you accept life as it comes there is more harmony. This helps you transcend waking and sleeping states and your awareness remains intact no matter what happens. The peace and bliss establish themselves in you. You witness the miracle of existence with awe but you remain well aware that it’s all a play in consciousness. You can see whatever you want to see, you can hear whatever you want to hear and you can reinforce the type of behavior you want to reinforce.

In the end the dream remains a passing show which never binds you as no desire ever makes you blind. They come and go as waves on the surface of consciousness with each one passing smoothly as you witness them with compassionate awareness. Since you no longer take much interest in your body mind they leave you unperturbed. The calm, changeless, vast ocean of infinite peace becomes your home. Your true abode.


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