Heaven and Hell!

Christ consciousness helps you understand and transcend suffering in your universe. We suffer because we desire. Even when you desire to create a better universe you imagine that suffering is there–therefore before really knowing yourself you start helping others. Repeated help is no help. It’s like becoming a clutch for others. The true help is making others realize themselves and this is possible only when you are established in peace and harmony.

Harmony and peace are heaven. Inertia and restlessness are hell. We suffer for others in our universe because fear and desire are memories of pain and pleasure in a collective consciousness. As all bliss, peace and happiness is inside you so are there total pain, suffering and darkness too. Light and darkness play their games until duality is witnessed. Passion of Christ is acceptance of all that is–when you look at your neighbor with compassionate awareness and wish them well your presence heals them but the very same event tests nitty gritty of your presence. Memories of fear, desire, pain and suffering severe your ties with body and if you accept them they evaporate very soon.

Fear of snake/time/nagas is fear of death. When you accept life the surrender happens on its own. Moderation makes your universe harmonious and leads to happiness and knowledge. Moderation gives you strength of character to bear totality of fear and suffering humanity has in your world which is but the desire to live. When you give up even desire to live you die while living and true awakening happens. Silence is all which remains. Hindu mythology represents Sheshnaga as the serpent with many hoods who protects the head of Narayana. The harmonious sage is also protected by the supramental life-force. The fear of external entities ceases when fear of death ceases. The fear of death ceases when there is no desire for bodily existence. When you realize that you were living a nightmare so far you wake up for never to sleep again.

Thus heaven and hell alternate here with difference in the thoughts. The imaginary realms are only to guide you. Heaven and hell are as real as thoughts. Negativity is hell and positivity is heaven. You are one reality which is the witness of both.



9 thoughts on “Heaven and Hell!

  1. Hallo – long time since last here and hoping all is well with you and yours. Another very deep and thought-provoking article. The Hindu mythology is interesting and I might try to find out more later. i don’t really get the Heaven and Hell and empassioned christ stuff becasue in British state education we were taught otherwise about religion through more humanist and methodist and realsitic faith teachings that match better our native natural absolute faith – without the need for ‘A book’, essentially, but with the importance and significance of bible stories in our learnings. So, my ideas about religion are confused, as apparently are notions of faith, for some of us. Well. Whenever we have the wrong type of government things go stupid again, and I was very sorry to see of the death of India’s good lady (prime minister/president? apols for my ignorances!) Best wishes and hope to read from you here again soon.

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  2. Only after reading the previous comments did I realize it was written as “clutch”. I read “crutch” haha. I like the way you described heaven and hell as harmony/peace and inertia/restlessness respectively. Profound words and thoughts as always, Anand!

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  3. Excuse me Anand. In the first paragraph, sentence five. Says, “It’s like becoming a clutch for others”.Did you mean crutch? Or is the word clutch the intended one? For it confuses me.

    Further, I am always intrigued and interested. When snakes are alluded to. In respect of us, homo sapiens. For several reasons. Cheers Jamie.


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