Play of Three Modes of Energy!

Desires fulfilled breed more desires. There’s a story of a monster called Raktabeeja–in a divine war this monster was almost unconquerable. The moment someone spilled its blood it used to recreate a thousand more similar to the original. Then the great illusory potency Mahamaya of God created a form Kaali which is the fierce demoniacal form of mother goddess. This destructive form is also known as Nritti. Nritti slayed the demon of desires and yet its anger is so fierce that entire universe was being destroyed–then Shiva comes to the rescue of the world and lies down in the battle field. The mother steps on Shiva but realizing him to be her master sticks her tongue out.   

This symbolic myth is pertinent about desires. Desires bring about more desires–whether fulfilled or not. Only when you surrender to totality the desires cease. Acceptance is the way to let all desires go for once and for all.

Until there appears duality you will find objects and memories in your waking and dream states. Bramha has been imagined to be a four-headed archetypical diety who is not worshipped much in India. Story has it that he became enamored by his own creation and starts running after Saraswati(poet goddess) in various forms. This analogy is for making you aware about consequences of desires. Every moment as your mind moves out of stillness a new universe comes into being. Perceived objects cause restlessness(passions) and this creates a new universe where you pursue that desire. You can’t feel exalted in such a universe because only harmony allows happiness and peace. The passionate action leads to frustration–even when the desires get fulfilled you know that you don’t feel the way you imagined you would. This proves futility of desire and leads to anger or darkness. Either you renounce or become negative–this is rudra’s Tandava dance which destroys your universe. In Sattva mode since awareness reigns supreme–knowledge is stable. Therefore you find humility/moderation to be your second nature–humility leads to skill and power which makes you happy but invariably energy levels drop because change is inevitable in the modes of nature–Sattva becomes Rajas and then Tamas.

Sage or Bhagvan is beyond mind–witnessing all vagaries and never desiring anything. Appearing playful like a innocent child they don’t consider universe to be independent from their selves nor do they give it anymore importance than to a dream. Since they perceive only their own self there is only love and compassion. Fearlessness and desirelessness reigns supreme as a rule in the supreme abode made of Shuddha Sattva. They watch passing show as a passing show realizing fully well that events happen on their own. Thus Bramha is passionate energy at base center and his four heads mean perceiving many objects(separate from Self). Restlessness leads to desires and then a universe is created. Then energy at the navel center is suggestive of creation of Bramha because he’s born from Narayana’s navel. Narayana maintains the universe and is considered greatest because of his beauty and harmony. Whatever he touches becomes beautiful and soothing. The passions become love when the heart center becomes active and Krishna’s flute is heard. The Guru awakens the disciple by giving him discrimination. When third eye becomes activated the fire of knowledge burns the residue of all desires and liberated being becomes Shiva–the absolute reality.

Shiva as a deity is a renunciate who enjoys various trances and considered greatest Guru. He’s the destroyer of Bramha’s creation because destruction follows reconstruction. Death follows birth. Sleep follows awakening. Day follows night. Krishna being the absolute reality plays the divine Leela being the source and cause of Bramha, Vishnu and Mahesh. Divine goddess acts as Avidya, Shreevidya, Vidya and Yogamaya for Bramha, Vishnu, Mahesh and Krishna. Being absolute Krishna is ever free from desires. Being ever free from desires he’s the divine enjoyer.


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