Guru and Disciple!

The Truth is simple–you’re the supreme soul of universe–the limitless ocean of being. The reality hits you hard when you come in contact with it. The analogy of one candle igniting another and that one igniting another ad-infinitum is apt. The reality is–there are no separate people apart from your Self—the darkness in your universe is because of lack of your attention to those regions. Your attitude is the fact. Whenever you feel negative  about anything–first adjust your attitude and accept it–soon you will find it becoming a positive experience. 

Guru and disciple make a pair of beings which helps each other. The same point was covered in the Sahaja Samadhi post. The Guru becomes the God of the universe of disciples. Guru no longer imagines a universe separate from his Self–still since universe and duality are yet present(example of rope-snake) he tries to educate and awaken people. Disciple, after waking up helps others in his universe and thus whole universe becomes full of light. Osho, Gurdjieff and many others have pointed to hierarchy of beings. You need to awaken a few people to reach to higher level and this becomes a divine business but others think that there are no levels in reality–the levels are imagined because an imaginary universe exists even after awakening and infinite universes get projected moment after moment. The absolute is one reality. After waking up from the nightmare of world the master helps seekers who help other seekers. The Buddha thus creates a universe which is full of light and disciples share this universe. There are infinite such universes moving parallel to each other and overlapping as well.

The doubts created by memories in a master, when knowledge is ripening don’t get removed without teaching. Though it’s not his doing(because higher power is always active) and there is no separation left–the disciple by waking up gives energy to Guru and this chain of devotion makes the divine play unfold. This is what Aurobindo and others have explained through beyond enlightenment teachings. Awakened individuals have freedom of universe but no desires–having realized the universe to be merely a dream they roam freely. There’s a story of Krishna and Arjuna being incarnations of Nara-Narayana in Puranas–earlier it was difficult to understand how it could be so–but now it seems that a universe is sustained only when two supreme beings are ding penance. Nara and Narayana then incarnate to maintain harmony in their universe–their universe in turn creates energy for their becoming higher beings and finally they merge into the ocean. Those who imagine a destiny after awakening are bound by their imagination to help their universe though reality is–there is no separate universe to help out. Divine play continues and there are infinite layers of dreaming until dreaming ceases to be. This is all a way of talking because absolute is always absolute and you aren’t any less than that even for a moment.

Since universe is cyclic in nature there is always a God who is higher than other and so on. The first God is also the last. Every awakened being takes his stand in the absolute awareness because that alone is. Silence, bliss, peace, love and light are its descriptions but it’s all and contains all. You’re ever free. You’re one reality beyond all dualities. You are never bound and always free. If you think you’re free you are free and if you think you are bound you are!




2 thoughts on “Guru and Disciple!

  1. As is pointed out here. There is an element of trust, in such a relationship.
    1] that the Guru can show you God, or where to find that entity
    2] That the teacher trusts the pupil to adhere to what is asked of them
    3] That both, will respect this relationship.
    Most people who set themselves up in the God business, really should not be in it. It’s not easy to find the right spiritual master. They tend to hide away. Likewise the true adherent will not rest, until they find their hearts desire.
    Cheers Jamie.

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    1. The right spiritual master resides in your heart–appears in a human form only when you don’t hear the inner master. The weight in the talk which convinces the disciple is because of the conviction which Guru has due to his realization and experience. Hiding away is a term suggestive of fear that there is a bondage in assuming a role–a truly liberated sage is not afraid of anything. It’s all like a dream or a story based on your memories and beliefs.


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