Melodies From Bollywood Music’s Golden Era!

Movie: Chalti Ka Naam Gaadi (1958)
Singer: Ashok Kumar, Kishore Kumar, Manna Dey
Music Director: Sachin Dev Burman

Lyrics by : Majrooh Sultanpuri

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This playful song is kind of title song for this film. I shared another comedy song from this film the other day–this one is more about exuberant life. Kishor Kumar’s playful yodeling and naughty yelling marks this song as well. Manna Dey’s interludes make it very enjoyable. Their pithy sayings are very beautiful and enjoyable. The Gaadi(Motorcar) is called so though it moves–the play on word Gaadi(which actually means something embedded inside a surface or merged into the earth) has been stressed.

Tooti Footi Sahi Chal Jaaye Thik Hai,

Sacchi Jhoothi Sahi Chal Jaaye Thik Hai,

Aaadi Chala Chala Ke Jhoom,

Gaadi Chala Chala Ke Jhoom;


Majrooh Sultanpuri was such a maestro of wordplay: With one couplet he addresses both motorcar and life. Since trio of brothers works as motorcar mechanic–they’re saying that it’s alright if car is broken/shaken as long as it starts and moves–same for life–there is no need to achieve perfection because it’s a myth–a story, an imagination. Mind always is in search of perfect–miraculous–search can only exist when it’s in past(among memories) or in future! Acceptance leads to ease and presence. They also say–it’s alright if you get true/false–don’t crave too much for righteousness in yourself or in others. If car moves crooked–dance; move it and dance! They say–those who understand this become happy!



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