Who thinks himself separate from the world,

Let him help the world,

Projecting a question, and an answer,

You play with yourself,

The only thing worth knowing is this:

No dream can last forever,

No body can sleep forever,

There is only one whether he appears,

Awake, dreaming or fast asleep,

Courage is all that is needed to die,

For real death happens every moment,

There’s no liberation,

Because there is no bondage,

So does real birth,

As myriads of phenomenal world,

Keep vibrating and overlapping on surface of consciousness,

But you’re not the active cause,

You’re only the subtle cause,

The reality when strikes,

Makes everything else,

Appear like a dream,

As if you know everything,

Past, present and future,

But accept it all with equanimity,

Without any effort to change,

Though efforts don’t cease,

It’s no longer a burden because,

Intentions don’t remain and,

It’s all spontaneous,



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