Death and Rebirth!

You die every moment to be reborn,

The threads of memory are sewn into a rag,

Which seems like a continuous persona,

The threads are hollow and so is the rag which you carry around shoulders,

The real you is born every moment and Now is its mantra,

There is no tantra vaster than that of memories, fears, worries and expectations,

If you clasp the rock-solid reality it slips through,

Greatest truth are simplest like your existence,

The continuity of experience, experiencer and experienced is one,

But thought divides it into three,

And creates past, present and future out of One,

One is everything you experience,

But experience is not one!

There is no death or birth,

Death is only possible for one which was not present at once,

You are always here because there is no always in here,

but memories, habits and personality is temporary,

Mashroom of reality is Autumn of Life,

The best of Mathematics is no match for Chemistry,




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