Absolute is neither conscious nor unconscious because it’s beyond consciousness. It’s homogeneous, continuous and without any gaps or divisions of any kind. Words don’t reach it neither imagination does. It’s consciousness in which imagination creates various names and universes. Time and space are both creators and destroyers of perception and perception is creator of both time and space though perception can’t destroy time and space.

From the viewpoint of consciousness variations and discontinuity can’t exist without time and space. Time is change and change is time. Time’s passage is not independent of thoughts and thoughts aren’t independent of time. Time and thoughts come into existence together and disappear together. There is no possibility of infinite pleasure because consciousness is consciousness of change. Time doesn’t allow infinite pleasure or pain. Consciousness is also impermanent because awareness is not describable–it’s not a concept. It’s dark and mysterious as far as consciousness trapped in mind forms is concerned but Truth is that it alone is and thought forms don’t exist. That which has a beginning has an end and is therefore hollow.


6 thoughts on “Time!

  1. Time is very devious. It has been written that if you place a clock on a plane and another on the ground, synchronized. Then the aircraft encircles the globe. The clocks are no longer synchronized. The one from the airplane is slower? Are they truly different? Does time slow down? I don’t know?

    The only thing that does not have a negative particle or value. In that all other particles have their counterparts. There are different ways of measuring time. One is with the rotation of our planet and another by measuring the red shift of the universe. Do they correlate? I’m told they do? Yet, I have my suspicions? Perception? Ah, there you have it. We all percieve a little differently. Nice post! Cheers Jamie

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