Melodies From The Golden ERA of Bollywood Music!

Link for song: Youtube

Movie/Album: Pakeezah

Release: 1972

Music Director: Ghulam Mohammed

Lyrics: Kaifi Azmi

Singers: Lata Mangeshkar


I met someone casually strolling on my way,

My night stopped then and there and isn’t moving anymore,

That which I couldn’t say, people are saying,

Though I tried to ward it off and forget,

My story has become a fairy tale by now,


This night of waiting would pass away in the end,

These lamps are also dying along with me after having burnt for so long…

This song as compared to the last one has very few beautiful words in lyrics by Kaifi Azmi but its beauty and rhythm is remarkable. Lata Mangeshkar’s playback singing and Meena Kumari’s saturnine and sentimental act along with the train’s whistle in the end make this song a memorable one.

Lyrics in Hindi

चलते चलते,
यूँही कोई मिल गया था, सरे राह चलते चलते
वही थम के रह गयी हैं, मेरी रात ढलते ढलते

जो कही गयी ना मुझ से, वो ज़माना कह रहा हैं
के फ़साना बन गयी है, मेरी बात टलते टलते

शब-ए-इंतज़ार आखिर, कभी होगी मुक्तसर भी
ये चिराग बुझ रहे है, मेरे साथ जलते जलते...

Lyrics and Image: TheSongPedia


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