Absolute is not dilute,

Rock solid dense.

Density doesn’t exist,

Only the immense.

This is Absolute,

Only absolute exists,

not a state,

It contains all states inside it,

It’s not silence for silence needs anti-silence to exist,

Since two things aren’t and only the one is,

silence and anti-silence can’t exist.

Earth presupposes un-earth,

So does water presupposes anti-water,

None of the opposites can ever exist–only one reality is.

All opposites are one -deep inside,

Dark and solid,

Solid and fragile,

Young and senile,

Good and bad,

Yin and yang,

Are all fabrications,

lies, but absolute isn’t Truth,

It can be said to be One,

But only for those who see 2, 3 and 420,

It’s not One because it alone is,

It’s not lonely because there exists no other to compare with it,

It’s not imagination and it can’t be imagined,

Bigger than all,

Smaller than smallest,

Essence and details,


It’s support of all, it plays but it doesn’t get bored,

It forgets itself but can’t be misled because there is no wrong turn!

Absolute imagines infinite things but it alone is,

The duality is merely an entertainment,

Boredom is for mind,

Independent it exists outside causation and time,

Time supposes anti-time,

Matter anti-matter,

Matters which matter really don’t matter,


So time is a lie,

Like Space which is imagination,

Body is no body!

Consciousness imagines itself as its object,

Gravity allows the weight to be imagined,

Gravity doesn’t exist,

You alone are,

But you forget yourself as much as you remember,

For forgetfulness is bliss and constant remembrance a hiss !

Can reality forget itself even for a second?

That suggests loops and gaps in the rock-solid Absolute,

Which doesn’t exist,

Inquiry leads to dissolution of this universe,

And all other universes,

Other universes and realms are as much of imagination as this one,

Multiplicity is merely an echo,

Of infinite sounds inside you,

Since an eternity,

Infinite doesn’t exist because it suggests a finite,

Though it seems grand–infinite is merely a word,

So very absurd,

Mimicking itself,

Wagging its tail,

Neither finite nor infinite exists,

Nor exists word,

Or anti-word!



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