The Time Traveler’s Wife(2009)

This is an incredibly beautiful film and its beauty lies in the fact that even when the title suggests about time travel being a key theme in it–it isn’t. Well, not in a technical sense at least. It’s honest with its title because when the movie completes you realize well that it’s the wife who is the anchor because the man lacks a stable personality–he’s but a shadow–appears and disappears randomly–no reason or rhyme–no sequence or closing of loops–no altering of events or time-lines either as seen in so many time travel movies.

Other time-loop films spend a great deal of time in technical details because they’re Sci-Fi this one certainly isn’t and doesn’t pretend to be one. Clarity of writing makes it clearly a fantasy genre film so don’t enter in it expecting it to be a scientific time travel film. This film is clearly a romantic film with a great stress on relations. The relations are shown with some pertinent metaphors but they don’t make you feel suffocated with emotional tension up until very late in the movie when they get married. I haven’t declared spoilers for this post because I feel this is a kind of mystery which remains one forever. Chinatown, Inland Empire, Lost Highway and many others remain mysteries because they were intended to be closed books. The mystery in this film is because there is no reason given out for the unusual genetic development of Henry. There’s no perfect explanation of their first meeting(s).

The film certainly emphasizes destiny unlike other time-loop films with varied angles which offer twisting time-lines and parallel universes. This emphasis is beautifully expressed via the anchor of wife who accepts life and her strange husband and daughter completely and lives through. Lead performances, music, cinematography and editing are mostly wonderful with a very sensible and uncomplicated story which makes for a great entertainer–unlike any other time travel films and I’ve watched quite a few!


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