Kundali and Kundalini!

Today a friend started discussing in words what I had perceived a while ago-that there should be some relation between terms Kundali and Kundalini because they sound so similar. I concurred and then tried to express my views on the same:

Kundali in general means anything with a circular shape . Kundala is the word used for circular ornaments which are generally earrings but might also be used for rings worn on wrists like bands. In Mahabharata epic there is a popular story in which Karna has powerful earrings which he had since birth because he was immaculately conceived from Sun  by Kunti.


Kundalini is not very different from Kundali in meaning. It also means something which has a circular shape. But two terms have been traditionally used for different concepts. Kundali is used for horoscope whereas Kundalini is used for serpentine force  which usually rests at the base of spine.

Are these two related?

I feel they’re deeply related because they’re one and the same thing!

Kundali or horoscope is basically karmic map. At a deeper level horoscope represents Time. Karma or great serpentine Ouroboros is the great devourer Time which has been compared to a dragon or snake eating its own tail because it’s cyclic in nature and infinite.



Ouroboros: Time
Ouroboros: Time

How does Kundali tell about our nature or about events that are going to happen in our lives? It reads about karmic impressions which are deeply embedded inside our psyche. What we see in our lives is more or less what we carry inside us, though it’s neither easy to read nor easy to understand as such!

Now how does Kundali relate to Kundalini?

Great serpentine of Time Ouroboros is creator of your universe. It’s also the biblical serpentine who lured Adam and Eve to eat fruit of knowledge and lose their innocence. It’s also mythical Rahu. Rahu and Ketu in a Kundali are north and south nodes of Moon. Moon represents mind and its nodes are representatives of Time. In an individual’s horoscope Rahu and Ketu reveal a great deal about subtle karmic impressions. Rahu is the taboo breaker and Ketu is the liberator. Rahu-Ketu axis is also to be studied for relationships and match-making. The mind and time are synonymous because there is no mind without psychological time and there is no sense of time without thoughts. Your universe is dependent on your mind and time-space are products of mind(thoughts.) Thus Ouroboros is nothing but mind. Kundali represents the great serpentine of Time which has all the planetary influences inside it in a subtle-most form.

Kundalini on the other hand is known as Avidya and Vidya. Vidya when it exerts its force as a great shocker to awaken you and Avidya as a great shock-absorber until it’s TIME to wake-up from the great slumber. Effects of both Vidya and Avidya are felt in the mind. Beyond mind there is no time and there is neither Vidya nor Avidya. This is precisely why Kundalini is actually a psychological process and it’s not easy to detect biological activity–but my view is not to suggest that biological is not psychological here. When I say that mind created your universe it includes everything in your universe and not just things mental. Kundalini is force of Time–Rahu is great deceiver and urges you to break taboos and makes you greedy in general whereas Ketu breaks you from things–the great detacher grants salvation. Kundali and Kundalini tell about the same thing–Time which acts as a hallucinogenic shock absorbing buffer and also acts as a tortuous shocker martinet beyond which exists reality.

It has been observed that Rahu-Ketu periods and axis in various awakening cases trigger great activities or periods of meditation. It’s not merely co-incidence. In my humble experience a thorough study of awakening cases would reveal that periods/planets relating to Rahu-Ketu and 8th/12th lords lead to awakening most consistently.


6 thoughts on “Kundali and Kundalini!

  1. I read a book a while back, called The Kundalini Equation – it’s fiction, but not a bad book at all, I thought. It was interesting!

    I’m glad that I found your blog again…I have been missing your posts!
    Have a blessed week.

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  2. I was not aware of this relationship, chances are the same root word behind both. Yet again we have a reptilian entity, that is connected to human form. How often this is shown in statues, flags, carvings, pictures and words. To name only a few.

    Elsewhere on internet we have people who take on reptilian form or that they are our ancestors and we are manipulated through DNA. Some even say they are the inhabitants of Nibiru and the Naga or Annunaki are their offspring? Interestingly, Shiva wear one around his neck. George and the dragon, Slayer of the serpent. And, so on. Cheers Jamie.


    1. The manipulation through DNA bit might be attributed to Kundalini. The question is where you take your stand. Who do you think you are? Awakening is surrendering to this manipulation through DNA. Sounds risky isn’t it?


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