Dev Anand’s Horoscope!

Dev  Anand was one of the most popular  romantic actors of Indian Cinema and a very influential one as well. I feel his songs especially from 1960s era are treasure for music lovers. He was fortunate to be at the right place at the right time because the golden era of music in Indian cinema did not come again. Out of the great trio of Raj Kapur, Dileep Kumar and Dev Anand, Dev had the greatest success as a romantic hero and hence his movies bagged some of the best romantic melodies. Let’s briefly examine his birth chart here!



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Libra is the sign in the eastern horizon at the time of birth. Lagna has Jupiter in it and though Jupiter is in an enemy sign it gives a magnanimous personality to native. Though Venus being lord of 8th and Lagna is located in its debilitation sign in the 12th house and has very few points in Shadbala it attains two special yogas–one is cancellation of debility–because exalted Mercury is located with it–another is Vipreeta Raja Yoga as the lord of a bad 8th house is located in another bad house. This gave him a majestic appearance and good longevity. Also observe that 8th lord is with Mercury and Venus which makes him long-lived. He lived upto 88 years of age and remained highly active for most of his life. Do observe that Chandra lagna has aspect from 6 planets making a very powerful Raja Yoga. No wonder he was one of the most influential Bollywood actors of all times. Exalted Mercury also makes Bhadra Yoga giving him a great reputation. The 8th from Karkamsha in navamsa is being aspected by its own lord too–another factor for longevity. Libra natives appreciate finer and beautiful things of life and are mostly liked by all because of their balanced and just attitude.

Fifth lord Saturn is his Atmakaraka and fifth from Chandra lagna is 10th from lagna suggesting that he was a great entertainer. Fifth lord aspects Moon and is conjunct lagna lord. Conjunction of Sun, Mercury, Venus and Saturn suggests scurrilous speech, beauty, piousness and being helpful to friends.

Shakata Yoga suggests fluctuating fortunes. Most of the planets are in soft navamsa signs suggesting conjugal happiness and popularity. Dasamasa chart suggests a promising career with Aries ascendant and Sun in its own sign in the fifth house of entertainment. Jupiter is with Moon creating Gajakeshari Yoga and Saturn is in its own sign in the 11th house. Since Moon is located in the fifth house from Karakamsa he was an ordinary writer. Chandradhi Yoga  gets formed when there are planets in the 6th, 7th and 8th house from Moon. One or two such planets with strength can make a native a prominent personality In this chart we observe Mars, Rahu, Sun, Mercury, Venus, Saturn and Jupiter in such Yoga–out of which Mercury and Jupiter are very strong in Shadbala thus this yoga is very strong and conferred royal status upon native.



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