Why This Universe?

Question: If peace is the nature of Self or reality why this gigantic universe? There are innumerable life forms and I feel I have so many things to do and duties to attend. How could you pass universe merely as a dream?

Answer: This question has been asked so many times and you have also asked it many times. Why do I need to point to the fact that question has been asked many times and yet you ask it? To show the play of modes of energy in your mind. In a mind overwhelmed by passions there can’t be establishment of knowledge and peace. The holy company and such discussions strengthen mind by making it calm. In other words they increase harmony in your mind and subdue modes of inertia and passion gradually.

Now coming back to the question: This question is not any different from other questions. All questions deceive you because their answers can’t bring lasting satisfaction and peace. This question is more similar to another: Who created God?

The universe has no cause because it’s expression of something independent. Reality is independent and has no creator or cause. All causes come into being with existence. Time, space and mind are synonymous and function only inside manifestation. Beyond this universe there is neither mind nor time. The reality is causeless therefore creation is also causeless.

There is no cause of anything–everything is perfection hence uncaused. Localized causes are pastimes of mind which takes a fragment apart and keeps analyzing. There is no absolute cause of anything because only absolute exists which is uncaused. Still if you’re looking for localized causes of this universe it might be said that this very question is the cause of this universe. This question suggests that you’re about to awake and have started to question this dream. The dream serves the purpose of making you forget yourself. Similar to the relief experienced after waking up from a nightmare you feel even more blissful after you discover yourself and wake up. It must be remembered that it’s only an analogy. For dreams generally have localized causes like unfulfilled desires or complexes but Self is complete in itself–therefore its dream of this universe is merely its nature and there is no possibility of explaining it through words. Unless you start to wake up you won’t appreciate  peace you already have. The duties you want to attend to and things you are running after offer and promise peace in future but this promise is false because future exists only in mind. The innumerable life forms, like you, are running after this peace but it can be reached only in NOW inside yourself. This question is necessary to wake up hence it’s the cause of this universe. This universe was created so that you can raise this question and give this universe up for Self–for Self and universe are one and you are the Self and peace.



6 thoughts on “Why This Universe?

  1. I might add … “in the beginning was the Word and the word was made God”, etc. While something like that may be found in Christian bibles. It is also likely found elsewhere? Maybe, Zoroastrian writings? I believe that. In my experience the “Word” is everything. Not words, just the Word. Cheers Jamie

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