Madhubala’s Horoscope!

Madhubala is considered to be one of the most influential cine-personalities of India. She has been called The Venus of Indian Cinema and has also been compared to Marilyn Monroe because of her charm and tragic early demise. Let’s briefly examine her chart here!



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Venus is exceptionally strong as per the shadbala calculations and located in the Bhoga Bhava where it gains strength. Being general significator of arts and beauty it made her very beautiful as well as artistic. She was so beautiful and talented that most of the actors of her time wanted to marry her.


After a sad affair with a great actor she married Kishore Kumar who was her co-worker and friend. Examine that Moon is in the sign Virgo in his navamsa chart and in her Radix chart–thus a great compatibility is visible. Not only this–Moon is also in the 8th house in both charts. This suggests that they were a good match for each other but the marriage wasn’t without hurdles because Kishore Kumar had to convert into Islam and it lasted very little because of Madhubala’s early demise. It wasn’t a harmonious relation for Madhubala. Mars, Ketu, Sun and Rahu afflict the 7th house in the Radix chart. Venus is afflicted by Saturn in both Rashi and Navamsa and it’s located in bad(12th, 8th) houses in both Rashi and Navamsa.


Madhubala’s career was great for most of her life. Mugal-e-Azam established her as a great actress in the industry. It’s obvious that 4 planets along with shadow planets Rahu and Ketu influence Lagna giving rise to many Rajayogas. Jupiter is her Atmakarka and located in its own sign Sagittarius in the Navamsa. I have often mentioned about the cultural iconic nativities in which Atmakaraka is located in the Sagittarius sign in Navamsa.


Raj-bhrashta, Heart Disease and Early Departure

Weak Moon of Chaturthi Krishna Paksha is located in the 8th house with an aspect from Ketu. 8th lord Mercury is near Sun, Rahu and Saturn with an aspect from Mars and Ketu. These influences cut her life short. Any number of Rajayogas fructify well only when life span is long enough. Sun is considered to be general significator of life force and heart. It’s also considered important for fructification of yogas for prosperity known as Rajayogas. Sun is not only afflicted badly in her chart and located in an inimical sign but also debilitated in Navamsa thus making a case of Rajabhrashta Yoga. The affliction has been caused because of heart disease. The 4th house is examined for it–4th lord Venus is strong but associated with Saturn in both Rashi and Navamsa in bad houses. 4th from Moon is owned by Jupiter which is retrograde and placed close to two malefics Ketu and Mars. She had a bright but difficult life. Lagna is also very weak and Lagna lord Saturn is placed in 12th house which is its own house but still a Dusthana.  Saturn aspects the 8th from Atmakarka and 8th lord Moon is also located with Saturn thus making a short life span.



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