Horoscope Of Shree 420!

Raj Kapoor has been called The Greatest Showman and Charlie Chaplin of Indian Cinema. Personally I’ve watched very few of his films but those very are enough to tell me that he had great acting talent, charismatic personality and versatility.  His songs are very entertaining to watch even today. Let’s briefly observe his horoscope here!


Charts courtesy: astrosage.com


Cancer Lagna rises with Moon and its north node in it. He was a very sensitive and popular person with an emotionally stable temperament which led to many romantic liaisons. Since Lagna is weak ( 27 degrees) and Rahu afflicts it he suffered from asthma in later years. Jupiter in the 6th house clearly indicates corpulence in later years. Exalted Saturn and Venus in its own house together aspect the lagna and Moon making his horoscope a fairly powerful one, no wonder he gained popular as well as critical acclaim. 

Exalted Saturn and Venus in its own sign in the fourth house suggest that he was born in a well to do family and gained many riches though Jupiter in the 6th from Moon also creates a Shakata Yoga which makes fluctuated gains. His heart was pure but Mars’ aspect suggests slight turbulence at times. Mars being a Yogakaraka Fifth and Tenth lord in the ninth house makes him very fortunate and wealthy especially through cinema and show business.  Venus being the significator of Cinema and arts is Bhavottama(occupies 4th house in both Rasi and Navamsa). Atmakaraka Sun is located in the fifth house suggesting that he was someone who genuinely loved cinema. Atmakaraka also rises in the navamsa and it’s located with Saturn which made him head of his family and a very respected member of his community. It’s in the Pisces navamsa suggesting that he did meritorious deeds and attained final liberation.

Venus, Saturn, Moon and Jupiter are well dignified without any of the planets being retrograde or in inimical sign, thus his chart becomes a wonderful nativity of strength. Venus and Saturn form two powerful Shasha and Malavya yogas.

Since taboo breaking Rahu is closely conjunct lagna lord Moon his fame was wide-spread and his sentimental roles could be attributed to both Cancer lagna/sign as well as strong aspect of Saturn on Moon/Lagna. Dasamansha is very well disposed with Atmakaraka Sun exalted in the fifth house(Cinema), Lagna lord Moon exalted in the 6th house and Mercury in its own sign in the 7th house. Dharma and Moksha houses receive many planets therefore he left a great legacy and even his grandchildren are Bollywood superstars.



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