The Natural State!

Problems don’t exist in this state for the simple reason that nothing is considered a threat. There remains no compulsion to pursue pleasure. When pursuit of pleasure ends unhappiness and happiness also end. There are various life situations  and you deal with them with equanimity and poise but they’re not  perceived as problems.


By a problem I mean something which is considered as intolerable. Something which calls for unease and struggle. When problems disappear it’s because of two reasons: the desires which were conducive  to the survival  of organism(up to an extent because obsessive attachment to it is entirely absent)  get easily fulfilled and the desires which were superficial, auxiliary or destructive  don’t  harass you anymore. When these  two types  of desires are absent you don’t create any Karma despite being active. Now, it must be understood that ease of doing is about proper action without attachment or reactions and not about literal easy-going attitude  in  all matters of life. For example–cleaning dirty  utensils or clothes using your hands needs a certain amount of pressure or rubbing. That skirmish is the part of the process and doesn’t mean you’re really struggling. Engaging in physical struggle or wrestling as a sport  needs you to be harsh but it need not  create reactions. Many hours of adventurous sports might not be called struggle if done right but even two  minutes of altercation is enough to create tension and karmic reactions which would last for many days.

Natural  state in  the first few days might look like a vibrational field which deletes reactions and tendencies  for reactions; when in full-swing  it’s Sahaja  Samadhi  which doesn’t let any reactions get created. The squelching of reactions is  simultaneous and without any delays. Out-of-sight-out-of-mind literally becomes true. When things are within  your attention field they are dealt with properly but when they’re not they’re easily forgotten. Compare this with  the youngest children who have a great curiosity and  grow great fondness for certain objects but as soon as another thing holds their attention, quite dramatically, they tend to forget all about the previous objects.

Fear is the result of duality. No matter how often you keep repeating the intellectual  truth about unity of all things  there will be irrational fear until there’s thought. In fact, bemused worldly mind might be less fearful than the mind of an existential philosopher who believes in non-duality. But in the natural state the cancellation of thoughts and reactions means an organism which is free from fear except for some of it needed as an agent for healthy functioning. Awareness of things which lead to harmony and avoiding things which disturb peace is known as discrimination. Discrimination is more of the clear insight into the heart of things but might seem to  be using functional fear. This residual fear is needed for the survival of the organism so that it might carry out things it was destined for but this is very different from the existential nightmare. Thus natural state is free from strife, fear, desire and problems.


4 thoughts on “The Natural State!

  1. Hello Anand! I was about to say that the natural state sounds wonderful, but if one no longer cares about the pursuit of pleasure, does the sensation of excitement that is often labeled “wonderful” still exist? I find it difficult to imagine what it would be like to exist without the emotions of both happiness and unhappiness.

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    1. Hello Josh!

      It’s true that we all crave for pleasure and shun pain. There comes a time when we very clearly see that all pleasure is followed by pain. Happiness has its definite opposite but bliss(peace) has no opposite. We all are actually seeking bliss which lasts but it comes masked as pain and pleasure until we develop discrimination. In the natural state– discrimination isn’t a set of precepts(dos and don’ts) to be followed religiously but rather spontaneous insight into the heart of the matter which leads to intelligent action without reaction. The natural state is definitely “difficult” to imagine for the simple reason that it never leaves you. All imagination distorts it. When you get established in the silence it’s so ordinary that you can’t even call it ‘wonderful.’

      Sensory perceptions and excitements do exist in the natural state but sage doesn’t pursue pleasure. He might be willing to undergo certain experiences as he pleases( and also willing to take consequences; positive or negative in his stride but it’s a passing show for him–mere entertainment!)

      If you were ever a seeker and found peace it would be both very familiar and very strange at the same time. Familiar because it’s you(and never changes) and strange because all magical, glorious, fascinating and so on was ‘imaginary’ all along.

      Even sages, books and other schools glorify this state because unless they do your ego won’t chase it. Why would ego ever commit suicide for something dull and ordinary? Seeking is illusory pursuit even in its purest form because Truth never leaves you.


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      1. Thank you for this informative response, Anand! I admit that when I read this post it was the first time I’d heard about “The Natural State,” and I find it to be quite intriguing.

        Also, I’m sorry I took so long to respond to you! I was camping in an area with little access to the internet.

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