Dr. Abdul Kalam’s Birth Chart!




Dr. Kalam was a visionary pioneer scientist and role-model. Let’s briefly examine his birth chart here.


Charts Courtesy: astrosage.com


  • Lagna is all auspicious and strong as it rises 15 degrees in the sign Cancer. It’s the strongest possible degree for an ascendant. Jupiter which is the most auspicious 9th lord gets exalted in the lagna and makes horoscope very fair. Since it’s also 6th lord Kalam shined in services and had no real enemies(or say enemies respected him!) It aspects 5th and 9th houses fully, making him magnanimous, meritorious, intelligent and truly religious. Hamsa Yoga makes him pious, respected and spiritual.
  • The Dharma  Trine is well developed in Kalam’s chart and occupied by Jupiter, Moon and Rahu. Cancer and Leo are great lagnas for public profiles.  While Leo makes for a powerful charismatic personality who is feared Cancer makes for personalities which are sensitive and popular because they’re well liked.
  • Mercury is exalted in the 3rd house with Sun and Ketu. He worked for developing missile technology for India and also tried to educate young people and gave them a vision by various means.  The 3rd house is the house for valor, courage and hands-on learning; Sun, Mercury, Ketu, Rahu and Saturn’s influence(by 10th full aspect) suggests that Kalam extensively worked on such training programs which helped  serve India’s need for advancement in field of missile technology.
  • The 7th lord is in the 6th house which is a bad placement for it(though a good placement in general as Saturn is a malefic and malefics do good in the 6th). Mars afflicts the 7th house  by its 4th aspect and it also afflicts Venus–the karaka for marriage. Venus and Saturn are also afflicted by Mars in Navamsa. These combinations made him a bachelor.  
  • Ishta/Kashta balance inclines towards Kashta in his chart. In charts of Gandhi, Raman Maharshi, Vivekananda, Yogananda and Osho I observe more Kashta planets than Ishta. It could be said that spiritual and austere social servants or saints are bound to have more Kashta planets. It’s however important to observe that their perception of life events might not make them feel that they’re going through ordeals because of the acceptance while others see them going through great pain.



3 thoughts on “Dr. Abdul Kalam’s Birth Chart!

  1. I have been MIA, but it’s nice to see you back and writing:) I find this post very interesting, although I will be honest that I don’t fully understand it. But still very fascinating as always. Take care, Anand!


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