Horoscope of Swami Vivekananda!

Swami Vivekananda needs no introduction being an iconic monk who was the first among  popularizers of  Yoga and Vedanta in the West. He’s one of the most inspirational role models. Let’s briefly examine his birth chart here!


Charts courtesy: astrosage.com


  • First of all observe Tapaswi Yoga. Venus, Ketu and Saturn are in mutual trines. It suggests a person given to a dedicated and selfless austere pursuit. Swami Vivekananda tirelessly did tapas to awaken sleeping consciousness of India.
  • Since Jupiter, the lagna lord is present in the 11th house, Arudha Lagna falls in the ninth house in Leo. Jupiter,  Venus and Mercury are benefics in the 3rd and 6th houses from Arudha Lagna it’s a Sadhu Yoga. It suggests a saintly person.
  • Vargottama Lagna means a great personality. Sun rising in the lagna as well as  in the navamsa not only suggests a charismatic personality but also  a royal sage who  came for a specific mission. Sun also happens to  his Atmakaraka and since it’s located close to ascendant both in  lagna and navamsa it makes him a resplendent personality.
  • Both factors–weak(senile) lagna and Sun in it also have their downsides. They make his longevity weak. He never took care of his health and worked tirelessly. Owing to Sun’s placement he suffered from fevers, high blood pressure and heart-attack which caused his  early demise. Also observe malefic Ketu in the 8th from Atmakaraka in navamsa. Rahu also aspects lagna making it weaker(in a physical sense since Rahu could be good acting as an agent of fifth lord who also owns the 12th. Some planets are bad for physical things but might work well for other things and vice versa!). This placement also reduces longevity. But it’s needless to say that he accomplished more work in 39 years of life than many can in 390 years!
  • Observe Dharma Trine: 5th lord is in the fifth itself with auspicious aspect from Guru. No wonder he had great Ramkrishna as his Guru.  Fifth lord is also 12th lord and  from its own house aspects the 12th and since it’s strong it suggests his deep yearning for liberation from this plane. Fifth lord in its own house also suggests his photographic memory and great intelligence. 9th lord Sun happens to be the Atmakaraka suggesting that he came for rising the flag of Dharma high.
  • 8th lord Moon is in the 10th house with Saturn making a Nishthurbhashi Yoga.  He was known for his occasional outbursts at his disciples for their shortcomings.
  • Sun, Ketu and Saturn 3 malefics aspect the 7th house indicating that he renounced marriage and family responsibilities after his father’s death.
  • Venus and Mercury being two soft planets in the 2nd house suggest that he had an attractive face and since 2nd lord Saturn is well dignified in the 10th house with planet of popularity Moon it suggests that he gained great fame via his electrifying speeches. Also observe that 2nd and 10th lord  exchange houses and fifth lord Mars is with 2nd lord Saturn in navamsa. The  relation between 2nd, 5th and 10th lords makes him a Celebrity Orator.  
  • 5th lord’s aspect on 12th suggests yearning for liberation but placement of Rahu and aspect of Saturn on 12th suggests difficulties and obligations which kept him away from it for a while.



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