Ramakrishna Paramhamsa’s Birth Chart!

Ranakrishna is one of the most influential sages since late 19th century. His horoscope has attributes of a great personality. There are two aspects to be observed in the personalities of liberated sages–one is degree of realization and second is strength of personality. These two aspects remain inversely related with each other. Deeper realization means weaker personality and stronger personality means weaker realization. Do exercise caution here in understanding that this is applicable only in case of self-realized sages and not in ordinary charts. You might come across many weak and timid characters which are not self-realized and you might also come across some charismatic personalities which are not liberated. Only in case of sages–the stronger personality means the work done by it is great and affects world more visibly. Weaker personalities in such cases suggest that sage affects society only subtly and mostly remains unknown.


To take an example: Ramakrishna and Gandhi had strong personalities. Their effect has been very visible. Ramana Maharshi had comparatively weaker personality but a great depth of realization. It doesn’t mean that there haven’t been sages with personalities weaker than that of Ramana. Ramana indeed had a strong personality and he did affect masses. But when we compare his personality with Ramakrishna and Gandhi it’s weaker. Some people in southern India did consider Ramana as an avatara of Kartikeya but many more considered Ramakrishna to be an avatara. Avatara has a stronger personality and hence work done by it is more. More power means more energy and hence more work. Krishna, for example had a great personality–one of the most charismatic and also great realization, he not only delivered Vedic wisdom in form of Arjuna/Uddhava Geeta but also greatly changed course of history in the world, therefore he’s considered to be an avatara by a great number of people. Many movements still worship Krishna and find salvation through him. Jesus, Buddha and Muhammad also had great personalities which affected great religious movements.

To further understand the attributes of sages and avataras: consider Dharma and Moksha houses. Indian philosophy suggests that human birth is to fulfill four-fold needs. All of the deeds done by people fall in either one of the categories. Dharma means righteous religious actions. Artha means actions which generate wealth and resources. Kama means actions which fulfill desires and passions and Moksha means deeds which help you get liberated from it all and confer bliss of Self. If you examine charts of avataras you will find Dharma houses to be very strong. Along with Dharma houses Moksha houses must also be well developed else it would merely be a religious figure without deep realization. Dharma houses and signs are 1(Aries), 5(Leo) and 9(Sagittarius). Out of these three 9th is stronger than 5th and 5th is stronger than 1st. Similarly Moksha houses are 4th(Cancer), 8th(Scorpio) and Pisces(12th). Out of these three Pisces(12) is stronger than Scorpio(8th) which is stronger than Cancer(4th.)  In case of avataras even Artha houses might be strong because Dharma needs Artha. Artha houses are Taurus(2nd), Virgo(6th) and 10th(Capricorn) In case of mystics Moksha houses will be strongest. In case of avataras Dharma houses will be strongest.

If you find more planets in an Artha house and in a Moksha sign it will not suggest a sage but rather a scientist who is well respected. Take for example Albert Einstein who had four planets in the Pisces in 10th house. Osho Rajneesh had 5 planets in a sign Sagittarius in Eighth house of Tantra. He was not a Dharma figure but rather a mystic. What I am trying to suggest is that the house takes precedence and then qualities of the sign will be expressed by the planets. Avataras like Ramakrishna, Rama and Krishna have well disposed Dharma houses along with support from Artha houses but Moksha houses might not be as heavily disposed as in case of mystics.

Let’s examine chart of Ramakrishna here: (Charts courtesy: astrosage.com)



  • Aquarius rises with Sun, Moon, Mercury and Uranus in it. Lagna is about 11 degrees and fairly strong as it has support from four planets in it. Further it has aspect from Jupiter which is situated in an inimical sign. Lagna lord Saturn is exalted in the 9th Dharma house in the sign Libra and it’s in its own sign in Navamsa. First house has so much strength and 5th house has benefic Jupiter in it. Fifth lord Mercury is in Lagna and well disposed in Navamsa too. 9th lord Venus is exalted in the second house but debilitated in the navamsa which might suggest why he was not a conventional Dharma figure and welcomed all people equally into spirituality.  Thus we find that all Dharma houses are well disposed.
  • If we talk about signs: Aquarius has most number of planets. Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces are relatively vacant. Scorpio has exalted Ketu and Pisces has exalted Venus in them. Fourth lord Venus is exalted in second but debilitated in the navamsa. He did choose his spouse but he didn’t live like a normal householder and considered his wife to be his mother. 12th lord Saturn is not only exalted and well dignified but also has exalted Mars in its house which suggests an excellent Yogi. Ramakrishna showed world that all paths lead to one ultimate reality. He practiced Tantra, Islam, Christianity and told seekers that firm faith and sincerity lead to the same goal no matter which path you take. An usual mystic will be content with the peace but Ramakrishna had avataric burden and hence he had to guide others by various methods.
  • Atmakarka Mars  is exalted in the twelfth house in Lagna.  Such a person gets money and family easily and strives towards mystical union. Mars debilitated in the navamsa might suggest some difficulties in realization and Ketu situated with it seems to be a common feature amongst spiritual figures. Rahu’s aspect on Mars in both Rashi and Navamsa suggests that he remained a great devotee of Goddess Kaali all his life.
  • Moon is in the Navamsa of Mars and aspected only by Saturn. This makes an ascetic who attains final emancipation. Ramakrishna was an ascetic, yogi and mystic par excellence.  Rahu, Ketu, Mars, Saturn and Venus are five planets in exaltation in his chart and yet Navamsa position of Moon confirms Pravarajya Yoga. Thus he is an ascetic as well as a Dharma figure. His strong personality and immensity of spiritual power inspired and guided Swami Vivekananda and Ramakrishna Mission for transforming mass consciousness and uplifting poor and downtrodden.






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