Peace and Enlightenment Are The Same!

Indeed your own article makes such a point. Expecting to necessarily find “peace” because of “enlightenment” is like doubting Rama because he shot a deer. It is the same error in thinking.

This is an excerpt from the chain of comments on this post. I took this one out because I feel there is an important point.

There is no error in my thinking and there is no discrepancy between the original post and the comments. Most of the times it’s semantics and lack of explanation. In any case, I maintain, above all, that there is no need to waste your time reading this post or any other if you feel they don’t help you or don’t entertain you. I am not on a mission here. I write merely to entertain myself. If you too get entertained I am happy but if you don’t you know better.


Now coming to the point of the post. I feel Rama can shoot a deer and be at peace.  You have assumed that peace means inactivity. Which is not true. Rama, Krishna, Jesus, Buddha, Gandhi and others were very active and yet peaceful. Read their life stories and teachings and you will find they knew they were being guided by the divine. They were aware of harmony all the times. Though they were sincere about what they did it was merely an act without any notion of doer-ship. The awareness that body-mind act to carry-out what they came for without being really much involved is being without notion of doership. Krishna calls it Karma Yoga in Srimad Bhagwad Gita and Gandhi was fond of Krishna’s teachings. Buddha kept teaching all his life but it was no Karma because no-mind can’t create any binding Karma. So when Gandhi is going on a Dandi March he is at peace. When Krishna is fighting demons he is at peace. Buddha giving discourses and Jesus beating shopkeepers in a synagogue are at peace. Ramana in a cave and Sai Baba in  a temple were at peace.  Peace and enlightenment are the same thing. They mean effortlessness. Because  you have reached your Self.  Effortlessness is ease of being and not inactivity. You might be inactive and agitated. You might be active and peaceful.

On the other hand, when I suggested that asking same question again and again over the  years means you  have not found peace, it was appropriate. Restlessness creates doubts. If you get one answer you will find another question and it keeps happening until mind is dead. Another case might be that you think you know answers and want to judge others by putting the same question to different individuals. This might be good for scholarly pursuits and intellectual discussions but for a spiritual seeker it’s an exhausting and fruitless pursuit when compared to meditation and inquiry into the Self(Who am I?)


9 thoughts on “Peace and Enlightenment Are The Same!

    1. Thanks Mick! Though here we refer to our natural state which is beyond mind. Mind is a bundle of thoughts and its states keep changing. The unchanging background of peace is our Self. It’s like volcanic eruption or falls or rains which are very active yet have a profound peace about them.

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