Horoscope of Paramhamsa Yogananda!


Yogananda was a Yogi and Guru who helped popularize Yoga in the West. His book Autobiography of A Yogi is considered a spiritual classic. Let’s examine his chart briefly here.

Yoga1 Yoga2

Charts Courtesy :  astrosage.com

Birth Data:  5 January 1893, Gorakhpur (India), 20:38 PM


  • Ascendant and Moon are both in the Magha nakshtra. It’s one of the three Ketu ruled constellations. Ketu ruled constellations are good for spirituality but bad for material relations. It’s said that natives with this placement have ability to leave body at will by withdrawing praanic currents but it can be true only for a Yogi. It has been reported that Yogananda left his body instantaneously while delivering a lecture by concentrating between his eyebrows.
  • Moon being a feminine planet, in the ascendant gives him a feminine appearance and moderate appetite but Jupiter, Mars and Saturn affecting the second house incline him towards corpulence. Lagna lord Sun is in the fifth house suggesting merits and divine grace. It’s his Guru Shri Yukteshwara Giri who guided him towards divine. Jupiter is well placed in the 8th house with Mars. This Jupiter placement suggests grace from Guru and good health. It aspects the second house along with Mars suggesting his ability to write well. Atmakarka Venus is placed in the fourth house and Ketu is in the twelfth from Atmakaraka in both lagna and Navamsa which suggests final liberation for the soul. Venus is not only situated with Jupiter in the Navamsa but also has its fifth aspect in the lagna chart which suggests that he had Guru’s grace all along and he was an all-knowing author. Autobiography of A Yogi is widely acclaimed classic in the spiritual literature which introduced Yoga to millions of westerners in the twenteith century. Sun and Mercury conjunction in the fifth house also hint towards limelight through writing. Fifth lord Jupiter is well placed in the eighth and aspects the second house of speech and writing.
  • Generally Venus as Atmakaraka and Jupiter well placed in the eighth house suggest good longevity but Yogananda being a Yogi like Saint Jnaneshwara took Samadhi when his work was done in the material plane. Lagna lord Sun being debilitated in the navamsa also suggests somewhat weak longevity. Separative influences on second house are Saturn and Mars which suggest detachment from family of birth and Saturn and  Ketu’s aspect on the fourth house as well as on  Atmakaraka suggests detachment. Venus in the fourth house in the sign Scorpio suggests divine love and this combination has aspect from Jupiter which suggests even more exalted qualities. Mars in the 8th house with dignified Jupiter is a great combination for researchers and Yogis. Compare this with Einstein’s exalted Mars in eighth with Rahu.
  • Apart from aforementioned combinations, Moon in the navamsa of Mars with an aspect from Sun, Mars and Saturn also suggests renunciation.
  • All planets are either in neutral or friendly signs which suggests a smooth life free from enemies, hassles and controversies. Atmakarka Venus and Amatyakaraka Jupiter are well related in both radix and navamsa charts which is a great Rajayoga.
  • Except Moon and Saturn all planets give Kashta-fala(painful results) rather than Ishta-fala(favorable results)  which is normally observed in the charts of saints like Gandhi and Ramana too.

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