Guru Purnima and The Blogoversary!

Today is Guru Purnima and my blog has very recently completed one year on WordPress. I had forgotten about the anniversary but WordPress reminded. Last year’s article on Guru Purnima  says almost all which is needed to be said. Today  I would just like to talk a bit. First, I would like to thank WordPress and fellow bloggers who made blogging easier for me. I would also like to thank all anonymous readers. 


Guru Purnima as an auspicious festival is important to many. Its utmost importance is for the spiritual seeker. It’s not very important to really do something today but rather be receptive to the Self which is the highest Guru and never leaves you. Ritual worship of Guru and Vyasa is intended to open you to the sublime and make you grateful. Being grateful opens you towards bliss of Self. Today’s full Moon is in Sagittarius in Purvashadha fourth quarter at the time of this composition. Sagittarius is the office of Jupiter-the greatest of benefics. Sun is in the auspicious star Punarvasu in the second quarter.

Truly speaking there’s no seeker, sought or guide. Only Self is. The dream in which seekers, sought and guides appear is a temporary appearance. The only thing which you need to remember is–no dream lasts forever. That which begins is bound to end. You are bound to wake up from the dream. Generally nightmares force you to wake up-which means you need to suffer greatly before waking up but sometimes it’s a pleasant dream and you become aware that it’s a dream–you become lucid and then you wake up. Similarly, grace of Self-the Guru might extend to you mysteriously and you might wake up. It’s not a must to suffer. If you think that you enjoy the dream and don’t want to wake up–it’s perfect. There’s really no need to wake-up. There’s no mission. There is no urgency. Since no dream can last forever you will wake up another day. After all it’s your dream and it’s your nature to dream. The urgency preached by Guru is actually his own urgency. The universe is perfect in itself –like Self. The Guru might have some burden some times because of the residual Karma on his part. Sometimes despite being liberated the  body has to exhaust its destiny and if it was destined to help awaken many others the Guru might feel a lot of burden and might preach about the urgency to wake up. But urgency is mostly relative and  on part of the Guru. There is no urgency in totality. You can sleep well and dream as long as it lasts!



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