Horoscopes of Tesla and Einstein!

Nikola Tesla and Albert Einstein were two of the greatest geniuses of the twentieth century. I observed some interesting features and similarities in their charts which are being briefly presented here. Interestingly Tesla was born in night at 23:30 whereas Einstein was born during the day at 11:30!


Nikola Tesla Lagna and Navamsa Charts Courtesy: astrosage.com



Albert Einstein Lagna and Navamsa Charts Courtesy: astrosage.com




Stelliums: Both charts have powerful stelliums. It’s remarkable that in both the cases Sun, Mercury, Venus and Saturn have joined together. Sun, Mercury and Venus stay fairly close to each other, therefore their stellium is not very rare, when Saturn joins them it means that the stellium becomes strongly significant devotion of energies in some specific direction in such nativities. As per classic texts this stellium becomes a combination for renunciation if 10th lord also joins in a Kendra or Kona. As we observe, 10th lord doesn’t join in either case. Therefore, though they were dedicated scientists they were not monks. A classic text says that conjunction of Sun, Mercury, Venus and Saturn makes a native pious, truthful, liberal, friendly and scurrilous in speech. It should also be observed that in case of Tesla stellium occurs in airy sign Gemini in the fourth house. It suggests very high intelligence and wit along with refined tastes and imagination. Tesla’s imagination was such that he was able to design and test run machines entirely in his imagination without even putting pencil to paper for even once! One of his main criticisms of Edison(under whom he initially worked) was that Edison avoided calculations in favor of sheer hard work and experimentation which might have saved a lot of resources. 

Tesla’s stellium has Mercury in its own sign well placed in a Bhadra Panchamahapurusha Yoga. All other planets are either in friendly or neutral signs. Einstein’s stellium is very strong in the highest public visibility house 10 in the sign  of Pisces. Pisces is a watery sign and this stellium clearly indicates why Einstein’s method was so intuitive. Venus gets exalted whereas Mercury gets debilitated  in this conglomeration.  It’s worthy of being noted here that Einstein was considered dull witted in his early years when Mercury was running and when Venus period started and cancelled debility he published papers on Photo-electric effect which later made him a Nobel laureate. Tesla’s stellium is under the influence of Mercury (Gemini) and Moon( fourth house). Einstein’s stellium is under the influence of Saturn(10th house) and Jupiter(Pisces) predominantly. Analytical imagination and intuitive imagination can  be the names given to methods of two scientists respectively. Malavya Mahapurusha Yoga in case of Einstein is well dignified and suggests how well Daitya-guru Shukra makes for scientific intelligence.

Tesla’s chart has a unique Chandra-Mangal Yoga which makes him very inventive. Ketu’s conjunction with Moon and Mars only strengthens the intuition and quirk and also makes him detached from relations of all types. His only significant relations were a few friends and pigeons which were fed by him on a regular basis. In Einstein’s chart Moon is debilitated and in the sixth house which is almost the worst position for Moon. Which suggests that Einstein had troubled psyche in formative years but Scorpion Moon also suggests great intuition and courage to move in the directions where very few go. Mars is exalted in the 8th house and located closely conjunct with Rahu. This makes him a great researcher.  Mars in the  eighth house is good for surgeons, researchers and yogis. Rahu takes properties of exalted Mars and amplifies the ability to explore deep many times. Close aspect of Mercury  and Mars makes him a mathematical genius and Jupiter in the auspicious sign of Aquarius in the ninth kona makes him very fortunate and a philosopher. He was at the right place at the right time.

Since Tesla’s lagna is at the end of a sign(28 degrees  25 minutes) with Jupiter in it and  Mercury, Venus etc in Kendra it makes a Pravrajya Yoga which makes native an ascetic who attains final emancipation.  No wonder Tesla was a celibate and a pure vegetarian. Since 7th house, its lord Mercury, Karaka for marriage Venus, all are afflicted by malefics Tesla remained a life-long bachelor. Mercury makes a close conjunction with Saturn(conjunction operates in navamsa too where Saturn is exalted!) in Einstein’s chart, therefore he had amazing powers of concentration and very realistic(pessimistic and brooding) attitude. Afflicted Venus in both Rasi and Navamsa created unhappy marriages for him. 

Another peculiarity in Tesla’s horoscope is conglomeration of all planets in kendra houses. Public visibility house 10 doesn’t have any planets but rest of the planets are well situated in houses 1, 4 and 7. Kendra houses are power houses and Tesla did deal with power(electricity) but not with royal and political power. Einstein was a greater celebrity because public visibility house ten hosts four friendly planets with a well  dignified Venus which also happens to be the Atmakaraka. Tesla’s Atmakarka Mars wasn’t so happy in the 7th house  but conjunct Ketu and vargottama nevertheless. Rahu, Ketu, Mars and Lagna  are vargottama and Rahu, Ketu and Mars are bhavottama  in Tesla’s chart. Saturn, Moon and Jupiter are well dignified in their own navamsa. In Einstein’s  chart Atmakaraka Venus rises in navamsa lagna which gives him  royal patronage. Jupiter, best of benefics in 10th from Atmakaraka makes him wealthy, sagacious and intelligent. In Tesla’s chart 8th house from  Atmakaraka has Venus suggesting his longevity. If his lagna was not as old as it’s  he would have been less of an ascetic and more of a celebrity. Einstein’s lagna is young at 15 degrees 32 mins and Sun is well dignified in the 10th house in a friendly sign. Besides–fifth lord Venus is exalted in the 10th house suggesting celebrity through writing. His papers made him a celebrity. 

What I have covered here is merely a tip of the iceberg. These two nativities have many fascinating features and they are indeed rare charts!


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