Suits(TV Series 2011-)

Binge watching of five seasons left me wanting for more but honestly speaking writers have exploited almost all permutations and combinations with characters and there was much repetition in the last two seasons. They could have ended it with this season. In the first season I had hard time following the pace of dialogues and story in first few episodes but later on I became so accustomed to it that it seemed slow and boring at times when dialogues were easy and plot was dull. You clearly observe characters become more humane and likable as seasons start to develop them and build them by showing their backgrounds, relations and emotional sides. Initially it’s a tough corporate law world where no emotions are involved but by the season five it’s all about loyalty, family, emotions and relations. It goes to show that foundation of human societies is relations and family and social animal is an emotional animal no matter how many wars he wins. Harvey specter undergoes a complete metamorphosis by season five. In fact he’s no longer a cold-hearted charismatic winner anymore. He is weak  and emotional family man. Mike Ross creates more problems than he solves and it’s only because of his unusual flashes of genius that their team wins some tough cases.


All characters become professionally weak and more humane as seasons advance. Initial seasons focus on some major court cases but the fifth season is mostly about inner feelings of characters.  I feel Donna and Louis were toughest to play and artists(Sarah Rafferty and Rick Hoffman)  have done great justice with them. Gabriel Macht’s performance has improved over the seasons with variety in dealings but Patrick J. Adam’s performance fails to touch and had it not been for flashes of genius and eidetic memory  there wasn’t much scope for Mike Ross’ bring as likable as he is. As I read a comment by an IMDb user I started laughing because I felt the same way-he said that all Jessica ever does is walk-and-talk. It’s true that it was her job to keep watch on everyone and talk as opposed to deal and research and scheme(Harvey/Ross/Litt) but it’s beyond me why there are  so many scenes where she is walking. Was it her own choice or writers felt that she was liked more when she walked and talked!


7 thoughts on “Suits(TV Series 2011-)

  1. It seems to be a common problem with this type of programs. Whether it’s Suits, Orange is the new black, House of cards, or even Longmire, etc. They become watered down and more out of touch with reality as they proceed. Bottom line. Is only so much human behaviours can be captured in theatre. After that, reality sinks in …

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