Horoscope of Lata Mangeshkar!


Lata Mangeshkar is one of the greatest playback singers of all times. Let’s examine her birth chart briefly here.


courtesy: astrosage.com
courtesy: astrosage.com

courtesy: astrosage.com


  • Strong Lagna and lord Mercury which is atmakaraka as well is exalted in the 4th house as well as navamsa.  Bhadra Yoga with vargottama Mercury and benefic 9th and 10th lords Saturn and Jupiter aspect Mercury and 3rd lord Sun is also conjunct it also making auspicious Budhaditya Yoga.  Thus lagna lord and atmakaraka is not only well supported by benefics and well placed but also vargottama-this makes lagna extraordinarily strong. Lagna rises at 14 degrees 56 minutes in Gemini. This also makes lagna very strong. Bhagya lord  Saturn also aspects lagna making it extraordinarily strong. Undoubtedly this is one of the strongest lagna and lagna lord placements I have ever examined and it’s obvious she is a legend who is revered, popular and long lived.
  • Marriage and family: Moon being the second lord in second suggests that it’s strong albeit it’s a Krishna Paksha Moon hence malefic in nature. In such cases a malefic adversely affects the living things related to the house(i. e. family members in case of 2nd house) but strengthens the other things. Face, voice, income and health are supported well by such Moon. No wonder she has been called The Nightingale of India.  Lord of the 7th house Jupiter is in an inimical sign in the 12th house. It makes it weak. Rahu aspects the Jupiter. Saturn which is also debilitated in navamsa is placed in the seventh house and Rahu also aspects it. Karaka for marriage is Venus which is in an inimical sign and  being aspected by Rahu and it’s placed in a bad house(6th) in navamsa chart. Thus inimical 7th lord, malefics in 7th, weak Venus deny marriage to native.
  • Playback Singing as Career: 2nd house is for speech and singing, 5th house for drama and entertainment whereas 10th is for career. Association and harmonious relations between these three houses results in a career in playback singing for films. Lord of the 2nd (Moon) is exceptionally strong in lagna and situated in the sign Sagittarius in navamsa which happens to be the sign of the lord of the 10th house of profession. Moreover the 10th lord aspects the 2nd lord in navamsa thus career in singing is well supported. Fifth lord Venus which is also karaka for arts is in the navamsa of 2nd lord(Moon). Also–Mars located in the fifth is a vargottama planet thus signifying a great career in playback singing.



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