Bill Gates’ Horoscope!

Bill Gates is a programmer, entrepreneur and businessman who has been considered the wealthiest man in the twenty first century. Let’s briefly examine his horoscope here.

Birth Data : October 28, 1955, 20:58, Seattle, Washington, USA.





  • Gemini rises on eastern horizon at the time of birth. The lagna lord Mercury is in its own sign in the fourth house. This makes the strong Bhadra Mahapurusha Yoga. This yoga becomes doubly strong as Mercury is in the 7th house from Moon which is located in the tenth house. Native with Bhadra Yoga are independent, strong, wealthy and impressive.
  • Mercury being karaka for intelligence is associated with Mars. This makes his intellect sharp and confers upon him skills of a programmer. Further the lord of the fifth house Venus is placed in the Gemini sign in Navmasa and its lord Mercury is well placed in the fourth house aspected by a benefic Moon. This creates ThivraBuddha Yoga and makes him incredibly intelligent.
  • The lord of the 9th house Saturn is exalted in the fifth house. This not only makes a great Yoga for wealth but also creates auspicious Daan Yoga. Natives with Daan Yoga are charitable and associated with charity in one way or the other.
  • Lord of the fifth house is in its own sign with lords of 3rd and 9th. This gives him great intelligence and wealth by means of communication(3rd house) and learning.
  • It’s worthy of being observed that there are 3 debilitated  planets in his chart: Sun, Rahu and Ketu and yet the cancellation of debility has made him the wealthiest man on earth.