Horoscope of Salman Khan!

Salman Khan has emerged as the biggest Bollywood star in recent years. Let’s observe combinations in his chart which make him so.

Birth Data: 27 Dec 1965, Indore, Madhya Pradesh, India,  14:30 PM.

Salman Khan, Lagna, Astrosage.com


Salman Khan, Navamsa, Astrosage.com


  • Exalted lagna lord Mars in the public visibility house 10 makes a strong Rajayoga. It’s being aspected by exalted Rahu which brings in some troubles along with many gains. This lagna lord happens to be the eighth lord as well–which makes him troubled but natural benefic Venus soothes the situation. His consistent efforts to build a muscular physique has been a great success and inspired many others.
  • Mars being a very strong planet and a natural malefic makes Venus troubled by association. Since Venus is not only the karaka for marriage but also the lord of the 7th house, Rahu and Mars associated with Venus have not only denied him marriage but also made his associates of fairer sex troubled because of his company in the past.
  • Mars which has company of Rahu and Saturn in the sixth house in navamsa aspects Venus there as well. Further stress on denial of marriage and conjugal happiness.
  • Jupiter in the third house which has formed Gaja-Kesari yoga in navamsa suggests that he has good relationship with his siblings. Three malefics in the third from Atmakaraka in navamsa make him very brave.
  • Exalted Rahu in the 2nd house and its lord in the tenth with lagna lord make him attached to family(despite some bickerings) and very wealthy.
  • 2nd lord in the 10th, 11th lord  in 11th, 5th lord in 9th make a strong dhana yoga. It makes him very wealthy. This is further confirmed in Pada chart where ascendant pada has Rahu and 7th pada has Venus.
  • Mercury in the fifth from Karakamsa make him an ordinary writer. Early writing ventures such as Chandramukhi didn’t go well.
  • Moon with Saturn make Shasha and Nisthur bhashi Yoga as Saturn is in its own sign Aquarius. This combination in the 11th house is excellent for business and gains.
  • Saturn in the Karakamsa made him take profession which was running in his family. His father Salim Khan was a prominent script writer in Bollywood.
  • Sun being the fifth lord in the 9th makes him a great celebrity. It’s also located in the navamsa house 10 of public visibility with a soft aspect from natural benefic Mercury.
  • Except Mercury, all planets are situated in the navamsa signs of benefics which makes him popular as a man with golden heart because of his acts of charity and kindness despite all the troubles(because lagna lord is aspected by malefics in both radix and navamsa charts)