Horoscope of Jiddu Krishnamurti!

Jiddu was an eminent thinker in the twentieth century who spoke for about 70 years across the globe.

Birth Data: 12 May 1895. 00:32 AM. Mandapalli, Andhra Pradesh, India

Lagna-Chart Jiddu Courtesy: Astrosage.com

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Navamsa Chart Jiddu Courtesy: Astrosage.com


  • Capricorn lagna. Lagna lord exalted in the 10th house creates strong Raja Yoga. Leo ascendant rising in the navamsa and Saturn is in its own sign in the sixth house of problem-solving and conflict resolution.
  • Sun being the lord of the eighth house is exalted in the fourth house. Sun doesn’t get directional strength here but gives him excellent occult knowledge. Its period brings about the process of self-transformation which continued all through his life.  Sun and Moon don’t get blemished as eighth lord and Sun is exalted here therefore his life was mostly free from scandals and controversies and he was long-lived. Sun is also well placed in the navamsa 5th house.
  • There is  a stellium of 3 planets in the sixth house. He was a genius in spirituality and brought problem-solving, logical and argumentative attitude to otherwise ethereal world. Many called him Einstein of spirituality. 
  • The lord of the seventh house Moon is in a dusthana(bad house)-12th. Further, Venus(also lord of the 5th house/children) is in 6th and also situated with Ketu in navamsa–this deprived him of marriage and children. The lord of the 4th house and 11th is fortified in sixth. Mars made him convincing in arguments.
  • Jupiter being lord of 3rd and 12th is debilitated in navamsa. He didn’t have the company of his sibling Nitya(of which he was very fond) for long. Also-his attitude towards religions and ritual(Jupiter) was that of rejection. He also advocated that gurus must not be used as crutches for advancement in spirituality.
  • An exchange between 5th and 6th lords(Venus and Mercury) made him a great solver of problems.
  • Lord of the second house-Saturn is exalted in the tenth. His speech and writings were very powerful and since Rahu is in its own house in second it also addressed something very esoteric. Though it’s evident that his speech was slightly harsh. His Atmakaraka Sun suggests that he had little patience with his pupils and he often had great outbursts. Sun in the Mooltrikona sign of Jupiter in navamsa often gives nativities which shine as cultural icons but often have great fall. Krishnamurti dissolved The Order of Star and this might be interpreted as his fall.
  • Garg Hora: If Venus, Jupiter and Mars be in the 6th house: native will be dear to many people, well-versed in scriptures, has good conducted and just disposition.

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